Friday, July 2, 2010

quilled kolam


       After a long time I have quilled a kolam design. Kolam is an art of decorating courtyards and houses ,a tradition followed up to this day. Every morning women draw beautiful kolams in front of their houses with ground white stone powder or rice powder. Kolams are more a part of south Indian culture. It is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness. During festivals large colourful kolams(Rangoli) are made which adds to the festivity.
       We have free hand kolams which have lot of swirls and curls ,and then there is the dotted kolam where dots are placed on the ground according to a particular count and design and kolams are drawn joining those dots. Just like in quilling we have fish , flowers , birds ,elephants ,peacocks and lot more designs in our kolams.
       Below is the picture of the kolam from my kolam book that I took as inspiration for my above quilled kolam. It is a free hand kolam. The paper that I have used is very thick , it is the one which I used when I began to quill. Therefore the kolam is really sturdy .
         I have used  the same length of strip for all the curls .I have cut the strip into two for the S shaped scrolls.


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Karuna said...

Neat stuff Suganthi!!


Karuna said...

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kavitha said...

lovely,grt work suganthi:)

Ann Martin said...

Another winner! I'm off to google kolam designs, but first I'd like to ask your permission to feature this post on my blog. I would email you, but can't seem to find a way to contact you. Thanks, Suganthi!

SUGANTHI said...

Thank you so much Ann! It's my dream to be featured in your blog.

Sudha said...

Lovely works dear.

viji said...

Really very nice. quilled kolam!!!!!!!
I had done quilled jewels.
This is a nice creation actually.

Malathi said...

Beautiful quilling works.. Awesome. I'm very much interested to learn quilling now. I love crafting and put up my works at I'm surely going to try this quilled kolam :)