Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilled pink flowers

     Pink flowers made using different quilling techniques.
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilled Valentine.

     Here is my heart full of flowers , anyone who quills knows that this is Cecelia's design. It appears on almost every google search for quilling. Almost a year ago when she posted her heart full of flowers, she gifted me the PDF for her tutorial.  I have tried her flowers before  you can see them here and here, In comparison the flowers that I have made now look so much better. I am so very impressed with Cecelia's instructions. Every detail is explained so clearly and with pictures.
     I used pre cut paper strips left over from other projects for making the flowers. My valentine turned out more colourful.It takes very little quilling paper to make these open petal flowers. No two quillers can produce the same result even if they try to make the same thing. I like Cecelia's heart way better than mine, this is just my trial.Following her step by step instructions the flowers were very easy to make and more even.
    Here are some pictures taken in Sunlight and with different backgrounds.

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