Thursday, October 27, 2011

Akhil's birthday gift.

     Akhil is turning fourteen today and this is my birthday gift for him. A quilled guitar fashioned after his own guitar.

     Akhil is so good at almost everything  he tries and he is really good at playing the guitar. He is very creative ,if I can get him away from his computer games . I haven't found a way yet:)).

      Here is a poem Akhil wrote one day when I was cross with him , he can be a real charmer when he wants to be.

Quilling strip

Oh! what is it's beauty? he asks,
For its just paper ,thin and long.
But few know the beauty it masks,
Too good to put into a song.

It's the art of quilling,
And it is easy to learn as well.
All it needs is guiding and rolling,
And there it is, ready to sell.

He is good at writing poems that rhymes.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diwali greetings

             A quick post ,wishing everyone who stop by a very happy Diwali.

        Take a quill pill-first anniversary challenge.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quilled easel card

      I am making an easel card after a long time ,this one is for my childhood friend.
     She is now in Bangalore . We lived close by and went to the same school when we were kids .Though we have gone our different ways she always remembers to wish me on my birthday and on friendship day. She doesn't know about my quilling , so I am hoping this will be  a pleasant surprise to her.



   Since I have so many requests from my friends ,who want to know how I made the crimped circle, I am updating this post. There might be an easier way but this is how I made it.

 For the crimped circle, I used  a very thick white strip (hand cut) for the first inner layers( Thick paper remains a bit stiff even after crimping and can be shaped easily).
      I applied glue to the edges of the purple circle on the card and stuck two layers of the thick white crimped strip. Next I stuck a lot of purple strips together and crimped them. I applied glue to the entire width of the circle ( I had already marked the width of the crimped circle with pencil) and quickly wound the purple strips around the white ones.Adjustments can be made before the glue dries. It is important that we apply the same pressure when we wind crimped strips or else the circle will not be perfect. For the last couple of layers I again used the thick white crimped strips to get the right circle shape.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Multi-strip scrolls.

     Tips for multi-strip scrolls were recently shared on facebook and I am so charmed by its elegance .I have seen so much of these scrolls on Neli's blog , that this piece is much inspired by her work. I had different coloured strips left out from other projects in a box and I tried to use as many colours as possibe. I am entering this card for the first anniversary challenge by Piyu at take a quill pill. All the strips are hand cut from A4 colour sheets.

 For those who missed this on facebook here is the picture . (click on the image to view).

      I also have such wonderful news to share. I won Ann martin's fabulous giveaway . I won a beautiful glass paper weight kit, which has space to house quilled work!!. I have been smiling all week:)).

    I have some more news too, I just now found out that I  have also won the challenge for last month at the Emirates quilling guild on facebook.The topic was leaves and I had entered my Peepal leaf Ganesh. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. The prize is a goodie bag from Meg crawford another super quiller from Australia:)).

    Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful day.