Friday, March 22, 2013

Quilled baby shower card

   I made this card on request from a friend and it gave me an opportunity to make a card for a baby shower. On the day of the baby shower bangles are put on the wrist of the would-be mother by all the female guests. This is done  to bless her and the unborn child . 

   My friend did suggest a bangle in quilling, I started off making a bangle shape with crimped strips. I finished the circle with a red glitter strip cut from a sheet to give the look of a bangle.The background is a gold paper layered on red shiny paper.
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Friday, March 1, 2013


      Lord Ganesha or Pilliayar is revered as the God of good beginnings and remover of obstacles. I have always been fascinated by the different symbolic ways in which Ganesha is represented , At one time I collected wedding cards with Ganesha in different styles from abstract to very elaborate designs. This picture is also from a wedding card , I liked it a lot and this has been with me for more than two years. The picture was originally almost monochromatic Akhil manipulated the colours before printing it out. Althought quilling over a picture has a lot of advantages , it is also very difficult since we have no choice of colours and to cover up the printed designs with quilling is quite challenging. Since the picture is from a wedding card it had glitter on it and it shows in some places. Still I have used lot of techniques and had to think a lot and it altogether  took me almost three whole days. I decided to quill the eyes first and to proceed only if it turned out fine.The trunk had lot of intricate patterns and after many trials I finally made tight coils with reducing sizes.

     Both my kids are at home studying for their exams and were quite drawn by this project, Always wanting to know if I am going to use the filler technique or graphic quilling. For some reason I could not photograph very well, the quilled mouse won't show well at all .

     Twelfth board exams for my elder son Abi has started from today. It will be fresh beginning for him soon when he enters college. I only pray he will be happy and successful in what ever choice he makes.

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