Friday, December 31, 2010



       A very happy 2011 to everyone.

   "  May the new year be warm with the memories of yesterday,
    Happy with the presence of today,
    And bright with the promise of tomorrow."

Wishing everyone who stop by a very happy  and creative year ahead.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quilled kolam

        We are in the middle of a Tamil month called Margazli , this month starts from mid December and ends mid January. This month is considered very auspicious and a month dedicated to the Gods(there is an interesting belief -In general 4 to 6 Am in the morning(Brahma Muhurtham) is considered very auspicious time for prayers .It is also believed that one day of the Gods is one year for man and that the 4 to 6 Am of the Gods ,which is one month duration for man is this Margazli month .Therefore this is the month when it is auspicious even for the Gods.)

       As is the tradition every year ,I can see large kolams in front of houses . I only go down to make my kolam on very special days , but I can quill a kolam whenever I want.

       I wanted to post today because it is exactly one year since I started this blog. It was about this time last year, I was making my first snowflakes and Christmas tree to take to my mom's house . I had made at least a dozen snowflakes and hung them all on the tree. I decorated the house with kusudamas and paper snowflakes . 
       In this one year I have made so many friends ,learnt so much and rolled so many hundreds of strips.  Like every other place bloggerland is so beautiful because of the beautiful and talented people in it . I would like to thank  all the people who have encouraged and inspired me and look forward to draw more inspiration from them all. 

      Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful Christmas.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas tree

       As one of the winners of the last CraftyJC challenge I am invited by Jaya to participate in the 5th challenge to provide some inspiration. The challenge is based on the Christmas season -Brrrrrr.
       I am so glad she asked me and I got to quill this Christmas tree, I needed just that inspiration to get me started. Do join in this festive challenge  and play along.


      For the Christmas tree. I have completely used crimped strips. I have tried this idea before in another card and it looked really like nib painting. I first drew the outline of the tree (really light) and then stuck a length of strip on the outline for all the three layers .After the outline  dried I stuck one end of the crimped strip to one end of the outline and I looped the strips with my hands and stuck it to the outline as I filled the entire space inside the outline (Strips when crimped become so flexible and workable) . I have used two shades of green  hoping to get a nice effect. 

     To make the holly leaves first make a loose coil and pinch on both sides to get an eye shape. Now hold the center of the marquis tight with one hand and with the other hold one pointed end of the marquis and push it towards the center.Now repeat the same on the other side . 

    Thanks for stopping by, Happy holidays.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quilled ornaments

                                  Quilled ornament                                                      

Quilled Snowflake

                               Quilled angel

                                Quilled star

                                Quilled bells

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas card.

    With so much inspiration on the internet I couldn't put off my Christmas card any longer.  Quilling the holly leaves was really a challenge ,no two leaves looked the same and I did waste  a lot of strips trying to get it right. As soon as I saw this cute little angel I knew I had to quill it.