Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quilled wedding knot

      I received a request from a friend for an arathi thattu for her daughter's wedding.  I suggested flowers , but she wanted something different and new. I found this design on the internet on a  wedding card. I drew it out and quilled .I used beehive quilling as it seemed best as I had to incorporate the dots to show some design on the clothes.In some Indian weddings the saree of the bride is tied to the groom's garment symbolizing the union.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Quilled banyan tree.

       A Banyan tree has a special place in Indian believes and myths. Princes are said to have learnt their lessons from their gurus under the shelter of the Banyan tree.  It is considered as a symbol of sacrifice and wisdom. A Banyan tree gives refuge to a whole lot of life forms under its huge protective canopy. 
      Some people are also like the Banyan , in the way they support and enrich a lot of lives during their life time.Dr Gnanasoundari was recently honoured by Vijay T.V with a  life time achievement award for this year's Woman's day. I was requested to make a card for her. The first thing that came to my mind was a Banyan tree. My idea was immediately approved by the president of our woman's wing of our library.
      Dr Gnanasoundari was the first president of our women's wing at our library. It was long before I became a member but I still hear about her influence  and the changes she has brought about in many people's lives. She has motivated many stay at home women to come out and take courageous steps in their personal and social life that she is affectionately called as 'amma' which means mother.
      She started her career as a Gynecologist in the year 1957, Overseeing more than 30,000 deliveries spanning  more than fifty years and three generations of mothers. To fulfill her husband's dream to bring health care to people in rural areas living below poverty line she along with her husband worked to establish Dr Kumaraswami Health Center, A multi speciality Hospital at a place called  Agasteeswaram in Kanyakumari district, with every mordern medical equipment. Even before the hospital started functioning her husband ,Dr Kumaraswami passed away . Carrying her husband's vision forward Dr Gnanasoundari started the hospital in 1998. She became the President of Indian Medical Center and Director of Dr Kumaraswami Health Center and Dr Kumaraswami college of Nursing.She is also the President of Gnanadeepam Matriculation Higher secondary School at Agasteeswaram . Her contribution to health care and education is unprecedented. She is a living legend and continues to inspire many women not by preaching but by being an amazing example of humility , hard work and gentleness.

      I looked at lot of quilled trees on the internet and particularly here on pinterest. . I made a sketch of a banyan tree and then got the impression of the trunk alone on the paper. I cut brown colour card stock for the trunk.

At first I thought of quilling the leaves on the tree individually , later I decided to make chunks of bee hive quilling for branches .

I added some colour in the form of small creatures that live in the shelter of the tree .
A tiny nest with a small bird and egg.
Linking my tree to Wondrous things: spring tree

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