Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilling on Arathi thattu

           Arathi thattu or decorated plates are used in Indian weddings to welcome the bridegroom and his family on the day of the wedding. It is an important part of south Indian culture. Plates are decorated and lamps are lit on them . 
       This is a square wooden plate covered with hand made paper .The inner rectangle is little more than A4 size. I used crimped swirls to quickly fill up the space . No amount of bling is enough when decorating these plates. The swirls and the quilled swans are all glittered ( it doesn't show in the picture).  Seeing so many valentines on other blogs I too was inspired to do a heart shape.I am decorating a few plates and this is the first of them.

        For more Arathi thattu ideas do check out this link .

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


    "May joy , Prosperity and good fortune overflow in  abundance this pongal and throughout the year."

       Today is Surya Pongal, most important day in the pongal celebrations . Salutations are given to the Sun for the harvest. I tilted the pot to face the sun , we do cook our pongal with the pot slightly tilted east wards.Even before I completed the pot I was sure I would use Susan's beehive scrolls to show pongal overflowing out of the pot.
       I only planned the pot but my sons felt , it would not be complete without the paddy sheaf and the sugarcane.Lot of colours and glitters are a part of every Indian festival.

       This is the kolam I made yesterday in front of my house for bhogi , and I also quilled it for a friend as my pongal gift.

       This is the picture of the kolam from the book .

        Thanks for stopping by, A very happy pongal to everyone..