Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arathi decorations

        Just a quick post to share my third and fourth arathi thattu decoration with quilling on it .Lamps can be placed in the center of the plates .This post  is especially for people who mail me for more ideas for decorating wedding plates.
        The second plate is decorated with spiral roses after I cut the paper with a pair of craft scissors.The green leaves are made from green paper from an old paper bag.

       Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quilled peacock

      Me and my sister have always been fascinated by peacock patterns and designs . Quilling a peacock therefore has always been on my mind.. I am visiting my mother and I am with her today on mother's day .  I wanted to gift her something special  .Since my brother bought her an ipad she has been my regular reader. As soon as I post something new she calls me to say how much she liked it and  she also shares it with my father.
    I found a beautiful oil painting of a peacock on the internet and tried to quill mine to look like it.The most difficult part was to make and arrange the feathers. When I first arranged them I couldn't do it in a natural way without a lot of gaps in between the feathers .To make the tail more full, I first made a lot of eccentric circles with 2mm green colour strips and stuck them  together to form a layer and then arranged the feathers over them so that the green strips underneath showed in the gaps and also helped in giving dimension to the tail.
    I used only Pre cut strips and a needle tool ,it is such a joy working with pre cut strips as the finish is so much more fine

     Though now I like big projects , I would like to go back to the comfort of cards and small projects for sometime.I did not get much time to photograph this project,  I was working till the last minute and it had to be taken for framing . This picture I shot in Sunlight .

    It has been a very busy month with me crafting along with my summer English classes at our library, I still have a week of classes and looks like I am already behind in my Arathi plate decorations ,I wonder where time goes.

     Thanks for stopping by, and happy mother's day.