Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank you card

       Time to say thank you to some wonderful people. I made this card for a teacher , my neighbour who kindly tutored my elder son Abinesh for his tamil exam.

     I also would like to thank Madhavi Sivan of Get crafty for featuring me on her blog.

     I don't have time for cards, but somehow I can't stop quilling. The ladybird I made on request from my younger son. The yellow paper I cut from A 4 size colour sheets and I have crimped the black strips for the center of the flower.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

quilled daisy

      I have been thinking of quilling a daisy for some time ,I quilled one finally and really enjoyed making it . I did not mean to use it on a card, as it will be difficult to put the card inside an envelope without crumpling the daisy. 
Then again I used it on this card with this beautiful background. I will keep this card for myself .The quilled bee and the word happy together will make "bee happy", and it will look nice on my son's table.
      I almost never use pattern paper as it becomes difficult for me to quill over the patterns, but these had daisies on them and I thought I could use it. I vastly prefer white base as it will allow me to use lot of colours and the card stock I use has a slight gloss which reflects the colours in the strips making it look all the more beautiful. 

     I have quilled the word happy with black strips. The swirls are all dark green( it doesn't show in the picture).

       Take a strip of 10mm quilling paper , yellow colour and fringe it as shown.( I cut the fringes with a pair of scissors)

      With the help of a slotted tool roll the fringed strip.(Roll it with your hand if you don't have a tool)

      Remove the rolled strip from the tool and glue the end.

       Press the fringes on all sides to make a fringed flower.

      Take a small circle of paper and make a cut as shown.

      Stick the cut ends one on top of the other to form a small cone .

      Cut strips into small pieces of required length and then round off the edges.Stick the strips over the cone as shown.

        Continue this way , until you have at least three rows of petals.

       Stick the fringed yellow flower at the center of the strips. Here you have a beautiful daisy.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

quilled card

         This is a simple card so I finished it fast. It has turned out almost monochromatic , but it is completely unintentional  couldn't match a lot of colours against this background.

      We have started to get ready for Golu at Avvai( Our library) , our golu is a massive one with scenes depicting stories from Hindu mythology. Constructing the scenes involves lot of craft work. Just yesterday new packs of paints and fresh hand made paper arrived for us to work, couldn't stop admiring the paper . Last year at this same time I was totally unaware of quilling ,So  this year I want to introduce quilled work and paper crafts in our golu. I will post if something interesting turns up.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilled snowflakes or Kolam?

      I had this page book marked (along with so many other pages with beautiful creations that I hope to quill some day)and was wanting to quill the beautiful snowflakes by Deb mackes. Mine does not have the characteristic  hexagonal shape of a snowflake , It is more circular like a kolam. I love to do symmetrical shapes and I am happy with this one.

     I have hand cut the strips and I have used my favourite hand made paper as background.

Roll the strip into a loose coil.

Pinch on two opposite sides to get the eye shape.

I have pinched the eye shape again in two opposite sides to get this square shape.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilled Ganesha.

        On the day of Vinayaga chaturthi , I thought I would post my quilled Ganesha. I have long been fascinated by how the image of Ganesha, the Lord with an elephant head has been depicted in drawings and paintings .

        Ganesha is celebrated as the Lord of good beginnings and Lord who removes all obstacles. I quilled this Ganesha from an image in a wedding card.

          I first drew the figure with pencil and then stuck the strips over the outline.

        This Ganesha, I quilled looking at a picture from google image search.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quilled birthday card

        The same person who bought my quilled birthday cake card wanted me to make another similar birthday card for another of her grandson . I have tried to make this card appeal to a little boy. 
      I have quilled a toy car as a well as a cricket bat and ball. A cake and balloons for celebration.  All these together I hope will make a great birthday gift for a little boy.

      Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stitched card

        This is my first stitched card. I found this pattern here . Best thing to do would be to print out the pattern and then prick the card stock and then stitch, but since my printer ran out of ink at the last minute, I drew one butterfly and I have used it on all four sides . Very difficult and not perfect, since this is the simplest of stitches( a series of long stitches) I managed to complete this card.

       I wanted to translate my oil painting of blue morpho butterfly into quilling but alas it ended up looking like glass painting. 

       Too many experiments with this card. I always wanted to try stitching on cards . Regina's challenge No 7  inspired me to try. Hope to use more embroidery in my cards in future.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

quilled teddy

     I am happy to have made it to the top three in craftyjc challenge  No 1 and  craftyjc bonus sketch .
I also made it to the top three  in  Regina's challenge No 6  with this card .

     I am also happy that my teddy bear turned out like my favourite yogi bear.
It was not easy to use only pink and brown for Craftyjc challenge .I had a very dull pattern paper so I have punched it out and stuck it on a brighter pink paper.

 I never thought I would fold a rose again but Inna's folded rose tutorial was so good , I now enjoy making a folded rose.

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