Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilled flowers in a pot

      I wanted a quilling comb for a long time ,to help me make perfect wheat ears and to make this flower.
The colour I choose was the one I have not used much(a little different in real) , I hand cut the strips and used the quilling comb for the petals and a fringed flower for the center.
     The flowers kind of popped out when placed against this background. The background is a hand made paper from my favourite pack. I hoard handmade paper and admire them and it is with some difficulty that I cut them up for a project.
     It took me a lot of time to figure out how to arrange the flowers as most colours did not show on this background or looked too bright.So I used the same colour paper for the pot, which is hand cut with a pair of scissors (I stuck quilled elements underneath to give it dimension). I must say I had a lot of input from my kids .

Stick the first loop around the first needle.

Loop around the needles .

Once you reach the required number on the comb, cut up the strip and stick the end.

Remove from the comb.

       A very simple tag ,using my scraps for priya's challenge. Glad I remembered on time.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Some quilled ornaments

                                   QUILLED SNOWFLAKE

                                      QUILLED ANGEL

               Red colour earrings for Pritesh's challenge.

        This is what I got from Piyu, she kindly ordered them for me and got it shipped to me. These are somethings I had wanted for a long time. Though I have alternatives that I use, these are so compact and very useful. I really enjoyed online shopping and want to order all the other tools too ,including the curling coach.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quilled butterfly mobile

          The first challenge on Kavi's new blog is starting from today. The challenge is to make a project that can be hung. It can be a tree ornament , wreath or a wall hanging or any other project of your choice. It need not have to be a quilling project ,you can use any material for your project.
       I made a quilled butterfly mobile and I hope it inspires you all to join and play along this challenge . You can find more on the challenge here.

          Exam time for my kids mean less computer time and crafting time for me . I tried to do as well as I can in the little time I had. 
      I went Ann's blog for inspiration and there I found this which answered to all my wishes for making something beautiful with paper strips mainly .

         The pot was not easy at all. I cut a whole lot of paper and then rolled them all together , I enlisted the help of an old C.D to support the coils as I don't have a curling coach. That was the easy part, when I tried to shape the coil , I did not drop the coil once but several times and I very nearly gave up on it. When only the recollection that I have put so much strips into this project made me complete the pot.
          I used 5mm wide strips but I suppose using one centimeter wide strips would be a wiser option. The pot is not as perfect as I had planned but it is better than what I had hoped for at one time .I applied a nice coating of glue and gloss to the pot for durability.
        I already had this string of beads which I attached to the center and then quilled some small butterflies which I  stuck to the beads at regular intervals. Then I attached a bell to the string , I had the bell with me for sometime It was hanging from my Kusudama until recently.
       Photographing the mobile was the next challenge , the butterflies were always in motion and it was not easy to get a nice shot.

        I am top three and winner of take a quill pill Piyu's first anniversary challenge. I get 10$ to spend in any store of my choice(for a curling coach perhaps).I had entered this project for the challenge. I am so very pleased . 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet leaves Blog hop.

         Welcome to my blog for more sweet leaves, If you are from Syaz's blog you are in the right place.
         I choose eccentric coils for my leaves. I used about five to six A4 colour strips joined together end to end to make one leaf. The flowers are fringed flowers with a tight coil center.I only added one butterfly to this.

       For the butterfly , I gave them royal wings. First I used the Multiple strips  method to make the loops and then I used a slotted tool to curl the loops.

                  Here's the complete picture.

       Your next stop is Annie Anastasia, she is already famous for creating so many different quilled leaves.

Here's the list of blogs in case you lose your way, do hop on.
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    To be a part of this blog hop with such quillers as you see from the list above is really an amazing feeling. Many thanks to Sandy for asking me to be a part of this hop.

 Thanks for stopping by , Have fun blog hopping.