Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book review - Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie

               I have known and admired Ceclia's work for several years now , she brings to quilling a fresh style with her use of paper strips which is both expressive and delightful . When asked to review her new book I was sure I was only dreaming. 
             It was not easy to choose a favourite as I liked them all. Each of the 25 projects  in the book is designed to include at least one new idea. But I was most delighted with the 'Jam jar Thank you card' for I did not understand at first glance and had to read through the whole description to find what a clever idea she has had for this card.

          About an year ago Cecelia gave me her 'Heart full of flowers' tutorial because I liked it so much . I have tried it here . I already knew from that tutorial how detailed her instructions are and I found the same in the book too. While making the valentine I did not follow her measurements I just followed her flower tutorial and her very useful tips on gluing . But this time I wanted to try a project exactly as she has given in her book . I measured all the strips with the templates given, folded and cut where indicated, and made this card. I was amazed at how perfect the measurements were and how easy it was to make these pretty vases just following her steps. Nothing is left to chance , She has included tips for making the vase shapes ,flowers and leaves with pictures and diagrams , which even includes how to stick the strip for the table straight. 

          Look how pretty this card looks sitting on my table. I tried this project because the vases looked tempting, There are so many such yummy projects in the book which I can't wait to try.Cecelia's ideas and style are unique and the hard work she has put to get all the measurements right and give instructions with so much clarity is commendable. I would recommend beginners to follow all her instructions to gain confidence as it is not always easy to work with single strips . This book is a must for quillers who aspire to learn on edge quilling or quilled typography. She teaches how to soften and shape strips throughout the book.

            Thank you Cecilia for your really great book. 

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilled flowers using multi strips loops

      These flowers were made using multiple strips looping technique. You can find the tutorial for this here. I used four strips of paper together to make the loops of the petal.  The paper strips I used were heavier than the usual quilling paper and using four strips at a time was a bit difficult. But the flowers turned out very pretty . I used alternate side looping method as I used just one colour for looping .The picture was taken in Sunlight.

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