Friday, October 2, 2015

Quilled keepsake - MALCOLM

    This is a unique project which I was almost afraid to start. Daphne, who had requested me to make this keepsake for her fiance had given me a clear outline of  what she wanted the piece to look like. The theme had to be 'marriage in France' and each letter of the keepsake designed to show that.
     Each letter has its significance. 'M', 'L' and 'M' are in the colours of the French flag. 'A' is shaped in a representation of the Eiffel tower, 'C' with hat for groom , heart for O , and L for bride. 
    She wanted lots of flowers and Daphne flowers at that. I tried layering the flowers and buds to create them. The first row is Malcolm and below are Daphne flowers. I moved the butterfly around until  I found the right spot for it without it taking the attention away from the name. The background is a shimmering gold paper with texture, It was a bit of a struggle to cut the sheet up. It is one of those sheets that I hoard to admire from time to time. I used 5mm strips for Malcolm and 3mm for the flowers and butterfly.

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