Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American flag heart with quilled roses

     Thanks to Mihira, I got to make something I would never have dreamt of . Mihira loves my butterflies and has bought several butterflies from me . She sent me an image of an American flag  in the shape of a heart and asked me if I could quill it and if possible with roses. She also wanted a couple of Sulphur butterflies on or around it. This is one of those projects on which I work with lot of doubts in the beginning, and as I progress I become impatient to finish and see how it turns out.
     I made a lot of roses in red and white , I lined up about 13 roses and measured the length and then cut the heart shape to that length. I marked the area for the stars and since I wanted to define the stripes I first cut red colour strips and stuck them leaving the same amount of space for the white roses. I then stuck the red roses over the red strips and white over the white. I filled the blue parts with beehives and I  added some punched white stars over the beehives. The addition of the stars added so much beauty to the piece.
    I found a small image of a Sulphur butterfly and used it to quill the little butterflies. I hand cut yellow colour 80 gsm paper into 2mm strips for the butterflies.The roses were hand folded , Claire has an excellent tutorial  . The dimensions of the heart is about 22X21cms.

    Thanks for stopping by , Have a great day.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quilled poppies

       I have been wishing to quill poppies for a long time. When I started with this card I first tried out Inna's tutorial . I am not so good at using pins for husking and I still need lot of practice. The flower turned out well but too big to use in a card.

    Then I went back to making the petals with one of my favourite techniques - the eccentric circle. I love how the flowers turned out  .I  referred many images and cliparts before arranging the flowers , leaves and buds. For the leaves and stems I used 5mm quilling paper . The flowers are made using 3mm quilling paper. I stuck three quilling paper along their lengths to make the stems.

    I received a request for a card with something new and I thought I should try out the poppies which for a long time looked like a lot of work. I am thankful to my sweet customer who was very patient even when I took  many days to finish her order. It is so difficult to work with Chennai temperature rising to intolerable heights and it looks like a busy month to me with so many weddings.

    Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day.