Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quilling my profile picture

       It is with lot of joy that I share my most favourite and biggest project of all with all my blogger friends . This project is very special to me as I have long dreamt of quilling my profile picture.
       Durga or Shakthi  means  strength or energy and feminine creative power. The terracotta Durga  mask in my profile picture has been with me for the past seven years, it hangs over the door in my room . It is such a smiling mask and when the lighting in the room changes the expression on Durga's face seems to also change and I am forever fascinated by it
        I started this project last september ,I had finished only the top triangular part of the crown when I put it away to take it up when I had more time. Re starting the project was the most difficult part , I have more colours now and I also don't have some of the colours that I had used at that time. I also had to figure out the lengths of strips that I had used .But once I started I was quite obsessed with it . I kept at it when ever I found time not even going online some days:).I have to thank my husband for suggesting this project and getting me all the quilling paper that I needed  .
       I first finished the head dress and then the ears , hoping to quill the face too. I did not want to spoil the work  so I decided to print out the face alone. I found this face on a Tanjore painting and by that time even I started to think that my work resembles a Tanjore painting. I made a lot of adjustments to fit the ornaments around the image and quilled over the hair and all the jewels on her face. The fact that I could fit the head dress and the earrings around the image is nothing short of a miracle.Many thanks to my elder son Abi who helped me print out so many pictures and manipulated  the images to suit the colours that I have used.
       As this is a special project  I  only used pre cut strips  and a needle tool for the entire work.

         I still have to frame my work ,here I have just placed my quilled Durga on a board I have prepared for my next Arathi thattu.
        Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quilled flowers framed work.

         I got some new colours ,some beautiful shades of pink and couldn't wait to work with them. I recently got a request for a frame work with lot of flowers and quilling flowers is what I love best. It took me a lot of time to finish this one ,I did struggle to arrange the flowers and  feared if it might look too busy in some places.
      I have used both hand cut and store bought strips for this project. The background is a blue colour card stock which is an A4 size. This is the biggest work of mine, and my respect for people who do big projects has increased.

        Many thanks to Noor Nahdi of Paperie Designs' Studio and Hussena for featuring me on her blog.

      Thanks for stopping by, Have a nice day.