Thursday, July 29, 2010


      Ever since I saw Ann martin's adorable ducks I wanted to quill them for one of my cards.This card I made for CraftyJC challenge.
      Luckily When I saw the sketch ,I remembered the ducks. This might be my own family except my elder son is a six footer and taller than all of us.
      I am also glad I finally got to make a card in white.

      Thanks for stopping by,Have a creative day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

quilled card

      I got the idea for this card from the paper I have used, I have tried a carpet look.
      I did struggle gluing the swirls on to the paper as the quilling paper wouldn't stick easily to it, the paper being uneven. I also had to choose dull colour paper strips to suit this particular back ground.
      For the corner design I have made three V scrolls with the same length of paper and I have stuck one over the other and then a tear drop shape on top  of them all.I have used 3mm quilling strips on this card.

    Thanks for looking, have a creative day!   

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


    I feel very happy and honoured to be featured on Ann Martin's All things paper. Its my dream come true and I thank Ann Martin for featuring my quilled kolam on her blog. I am a huge fan of her elegant quilled work and it gives me great pleasure to be appreciatied by her.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

multiple loops



            I have made the flowers by looping with multiple strips. I have used three colours , white at the center and light blue and navy blue.

          Take three  strips of different colours stick them together at one end. Loop them around a cardboard strip for the first loop, (just so we can make all the petals of the same size).

           Pull the inner strip to make it one thirds of its length and then pull the middle strip to make it two thirds of its size.

         Now instead of alternating the loops ,bend the strips and loop it in the same direction ,make this loop a little bigger than the first as this will be the middle of the petal now pull the two inner strips to bring them to the required lengths.

        Next loop again the strips in the same direction and pull the two inner strips to make the third loop which is the same size as the first loop.

       Stick the strips at the base to hold them in position,

        Bring the three strips around the loops and stick all three at the bottom of the petal , we can also cut two strips and bring one strip alone around the loops.

           Cut the extra strips of paper , this will make one petal of three loops with three different colours.



         For this flower I have used two strips of pink and yellow strip in the middle , This flower I did as shown above, but with alternating loop technique as the inner as well as the outer strip are of the same colour . 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mini card

     This is just a small card . I made the flowers and the leaves using  small strips of quilling paper that remained from my earlier cards. 
      For the petals,I cut the quilling strips into smaller pieces of the same size, and then stuck it around an old refill and slid it out . This makes a nice small circle from which we can make a petal by pinching it at one point(where the ends are stuck). For the leaves I stuck slightly bigger strips around my paint brush and then pinched it in two places.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank you card

      A thank you card for all the blogs that give out wonderful tutorials.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

quilled card

      Today is my mother's birthday . I quilled this card and mailed it to her and I hope she likes it.
       In this card I have quilled the words அன்பு அம்மா  in my mother tongue Tamil which means dearest mother.My mom is the most surprised at my craft work ,since I was never crafty as a kid. 
      As a kid I have seen my mother make beautiful kolams and she used to draw beautifully whenever she did. This card also has a kolam pattern , the pattern we use for borders. I only quilled the letters as an after thought and I hope it survives in the mail.

Friday, July 2, 2010

quilled kolam


       After a long time I have quilled a kolam design. Kolam is an art of decorating courtyards and houses ,a tradition followed up to this day. Every morning women draw beautiful kolams in front of their houses with ground white stone powder or rice powder. Kolams are more a part of south Indian culture. It is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness. During festivals large colourful kolams(Rangoli) are made which adds to the festivity.
       We have free hand kolams which have lot of swirls and curls ,and then there is the dotted kolam where dots are placed on the ground according to a particular count and design and kolams are drawn joining those dots. Just like in quilling we have fish , flowers , birds ,elephants ,peacocks and lot more designs in our kolams.
       Below is the picture of the kolam from my kolam book that I took as inspiration for my above quilled kolam. It is a free hand kolam. The paper that I have used is very thick , it is the one which I used when I began to quill. Therefore the kolam is really sturdy .
         I have used  the same length of strip for all the curls .I have cut the strip into two for the S shaped scrolls.