Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quilled Ganesha.

      Ganesha - the lord of good beginnings. Ever since I made  my first Ganesha , I have received numerous requests to quill the same. Only recently I received a request from someone dear whom I could not refuse . It is also my biggest Ganesha and my biggest project so far. My husband helped get the picture printed for me to quill. The paper on which it was printed has a very metallic texture although it looks rich in person , it doesn't photograph well at all and it was difficult to stick the strips down the smooth surface .
      I am actually happy with the outcome. I didn't have any of the paper that I had used when I first Quilled so I had to gather them before starting. The printed background is also a few shades darker than my first one and I choose paper strips accordingly . I used 5mm paper for the whole project. I have made some minor changes as required.

      When I made the first Ganesha , two years ago my elder son Abi was taking his twelfth exam. Now coincidentally Akhil is facing his twelfth board exam. My prayer is that he also has a great new beginning after  finishing school.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Heart full of roses.

        Happy to present my first project for this year. It is a request from a very sweet person for her husband for his birthday.  I was asked to make a heart full of roses with birthday wishes. I cut out a heart  from red colour hand made paper and folded a whole lot of roses, I arranged the flowers and stuck them down. The sentiments are printed. I ran my embossing tool over the handmade paper and shaped it to give the heart a slight  three dimensional look. 


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