Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilled card-alternate looping method.

        I love the alternate looping method and swirls and curls, I always hope I know where to stop when I am using these methods. It looks like I have completely filled up the card. 

      I am trying to use the pack of hand made paper that I had brought a while ago. This particular paper is thick and stiff and also very uneven . It is not easy to stick paper strips on this surface , so I had to use a lot of glue.

      I have hand cut A4 size colour paper for the entire card.

      Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

boy card

     It is a bit difficult to make cards for boys. When Akhil asked to make a card for his friend I thought a kite would be a nice idea for a boy and since it is not much work I put it off till the very end. Yesterday evening I found that quilling a kite not at all easy to me .The four right angled triangles with equal common sides was not easy.  I finally quilled some clouds and finished the card as I did not have time for another trial. 

    This pongal holidays I was determined to quill, but not easy when my kids are home. I was still taking my quilling things around and leaving it about, this  encouraged my family members to try quilling.

    This one is by my  husband :).

      This is by Akhil. He used the slotted tool and is so careful while working not a bit of glue shows.

     My elder son Abi finally was impressed with some quilled work. He was completely bowled over by the anotomical quilling on All things paper posted by Ann Martin. He went through Sarah's entire blog wondering why I don't quill like this. Boys do have different taste.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


  Today is pongal ,harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. This festival is the most important festival for all Tamils. Pongal means overflow, on this day a sweet dish called pongal (made from rice and jaggery) is made in a pot and let to overflow or spill over - its an indication of plenty. Today is surya pongal the most important of the four day celebrations and salutations are given to the Sun for the harvest. Traditionally pongal is prepared in open space in view of the Sun( which is still followed in villages in Tamil Nadu).

  Large colourful kolams adorn the streets on this day. Sugar cane is also offered during the prayers. Pongal is always special for us and the rice we cook pongal with comes from our own fields . Another pongal tradition in our family is to visit the Chennai book fair , both my children read a lot and they wait all year for the book fair.

Thanks for stopping by , have a happy pongal.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something new

      This is my first post this year and I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year with lot of new beginnings.

      This work is inspired by an embroidery design. I liked the pattern a lot but I am not sure if I have been true to the pattern . Trying to get the same effect I have tried a new technique for the leaves(new to me).I hope you all like it , I like it a lot.I have used three shades of green for the leaves.I first made a long loop according to the length of the leaf needed and then I have made smaller loops continuously on one side all the while sticking the loops to the long center loop .Then I started on the other side with another long strip with the same center loop I made small loops on the other side sticking  the base of the smaller loops all along the length of the center loop.

       Thanks for stopping by,have a creative day.