Saturday, October 27, 2012

Akhil's birthday gift.

     My younger son Akhil is turning fifteen today and I surprised him with this quilled miniature Harry potter.
I have lost count of the number of times Akhil has finished the entire series of Harry potter books. Abi and I try to get him to read other books and sometimes we succeed , but he always comes back to his Harry potter books. When I was looking for ideas for his birthday gift ,the idea suggested itself after years of picking up Harry potter books from just about everywhere.
    Recently he reminded me that it has been a while since I made dolls,I though making a doll for him will be a nice surprise for him.
     Abi is not happy with the cap , he thinks it looks like an elf's . I wrapped the broom around a tooth pick and the wand around a wire. Other than that the doll is completely made from paper.
    Linking this doll to - Itsy Bitsy make it dimensional challenge.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilled earring tutorial

       I was recently requested for a quilled earring tutorial from Vandana of Craftsia blog. This is a simple design made entirely out of tight coils. The colours used are silver and pink colour strips.

      Take one silver(or any colour) strip and roll it around a pen or your tool to make a tight ring coil.

       Pinch the ring coil on one side to make a tear drop shape , Repeat this step seven times. 

       Make a tight coil out of one silver strip ,first roll the strip with a needle or slotted tool and stick the end.

      After these steps you will have seven tear drops and one tight coil

      Stick all the elements together preferably on a plastic surface so that the flower can be lifted off the surface easily after drying.

      Make tight coils with the pink colour strips ( I used half a strip for each tight coil).Then stick them together to make a flower .

       Stick this pink flower on top of the silver flower. I also added a small punched circle to the back of the
earring to cover all the joints of the silver colour flower and to make the earring more sturdy

      Repeat the entire process to make another to complete the pair . I added glue to the wrong side of the earrings to strengthen it .

     I am working on a lot of cards but can't post until the end of this month. I am also trying to do my bit for our library's Navarathri Golu.

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