Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Akhil's birthday.

    Today Akhil is turning thirteen and he is having a wild  party. He is my younger son and  a ray of sunshine in our home. We both have a lot in common , we both love to do art work , we both are daydreamers and both of us spend at least an hour a day looking for things we miss-lay:)).

    We share the same work table , so when I am blogging he is doing his home work and  I get to share all the wonderful blogs I visit with  him. He is good at quilling too and loves making quilled cards and he takes time to admire my work.For his love of his guitar I wanted to add some music notes on the card , but it looked too crowded and I gave up the idea.

      I started this card with the idea of quilling his name with a  tiger for the letter 'I', but the tiger turned out like a teddy bear .For the rest of the letters I quilled the alphabet first and added on leaves and berries to give the look of plant vines .There is a caterpillar on the letter 'K' but it looks just like a design, and there is a ladybird on the letter 'L' .

      I am very pleased with the card, it looks so much better than the photograph(quilled work always does).For the paper bunting I cut out small triangles of quilling paper and I have stuck each of them on small pieces of double tape to give it some dimension.The cake is on a tree trunk , the honey bee is bringing an apple and the ant is carrying a gift.My son liked it and I am happy (and relieved:)) ). 

     Thanks for stopping by,Have a great day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

folded roses

       I have been away for a while  and  I did take my quilling things with me. A slotted tool ,1cm width strips and glue is all that is required for folding a rose , I had folded a few and arranged them on this card. 

       As before I have used Inna's tutorial for a folded rose.

       Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday card

         This card is for my sister who is celebrating her birthday today. She  was the crafty one in our family when we were growing up. She is a doctor and has very little time now,but she always gets creative with her kolams and other art work when ever she finds time. She is also a huge admirer of my work and I take great pleasure quilling for her.

      I have cut yellow colour paper for the entire card, I always avoid swirls when I have to mail the card but I couldn't help it I think swirls are elegant ,so I have added an extra swirl so that the strip does not bend.

      I am going to take a few day off from blogging, hope to catch up on all my favourite blogs when I come back.

      Thanks for stopping by, Have a blessed day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

inspired by Navarathri

        For this Navarathri Golu I made  two golden lotuses , I made a miniature Madurai temple pond which has a golden lotus at the center. This card is inspired by that lotus and the golden stars are all punched from the paper I have used to make the lotus. I have also used the ribbon we used in our golu. 

     The pattern in the card made with combing technique is inspired by the lotus.I have made a pair of ear rings which goes with the card which will make a nice gift as well.This time it is inspire and create at craftyJC . Right now I can't think of anything but Navarathri and my card is inspired by all the glitters of Navarathri festival.

      Thanks for stopping by, happy Navarathri.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Flowers of Munnar

        This summer me and my family holidayed at Munnar(a bit of heaven on earth). it was such a welcome change from the hot and dry summer of Chennai. Tea estates covering acres and acres looking like green carpets was such a beautiful sight.I knew there must be a reason why Kerala is called God's own country.There were daises and roses and beautiful violet flowers everywhere.
        I wanted to quill something nice for my elder brother who is visiting us from Australia after four years to take back with him. I drew inspiration from  the colourful flowers of Munnar for my quilled basket with flowers. 

         I really wanted to frame my work but did not finish it in time so I made a shadow box to mount the basket and the quilled flowers( I bought a sheet of  green hand made paper to make this shadow box,a beautiful example of the sheets we are using for our library's golu this time).


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