Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Customised Quilling.

    I was recently requested to make a card with the sentiments , 'Celebrate' and 'U r Loved' on it. I was also asked to include rainbow colours if possible in the card. I made this almost white on white card with white flowers with rainbow centres. I really love how elegant it turned out!

      This twenty fifth anniversary is customised in purple shades in the exact pattern as  my earlier version . 

This Rosary is another first , Would have never thought of making one if I had not received this request. I used metallic paper for the beads as well as the cross. I painted the cross with a thin coat of pearl gold.

    I have been making a lot of tree it seems this year and this one is very special. I was asked to add the words' Kalpa Vriksha ' or the wish giving tree at the top . I am very fond of this font and took this opportunity to use it. When Nirmala called me to place the order she told me that almost an year ago she had seen my husband at the framers with a quilled tree and that she having not heard of Quilling before had been curious about it. She learnt about my blog from my husband and mailed me when she needed to gift someone a special gift.

   Recently I worked to make a lot of Quilled jewellery sets for a college reunion.  The colours they had chosen were red, black and Gold.  After a lot of though it was decided that the ladies would each receive a Quilled set and the men would each receive a Quilled hanging for their car. You can see the Quilled jewellery I made on my Page . The past many weeks have been very stressful as there was a lot of confusion in this year's seat allotment to the NITs. It included us having to make sudden travel plans to NITs in other states. I took my Quilling along with me and this particular hangings I made on the train, it did attract a lot of attention and I also found some Quilling enthusiasts . But all our confusion has a happy ending , my younger son Akhil is now in NIT Trichy , our home state NIT along with his elder brother.

Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day.