Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quilled sixtieth birthday card.

        It has been more than two month since I made a card , even though I have been quilling a lot. I have been busy making quilled jewellery .  This Navarathri Golu at our library was quite a hit , we did scenes from the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda ,our sincere effort at celebrating his 150th birth anniversary. I also got a week off to visit my mother .
       A couple of days ago I received an order for a birthday card for a sixtieth birthday. Sixtieth birthday is considered very important in many places in India. Some celebrate the day by performing many rituals including some wedding rituals. Most often children perform the wedding of their parents and seek their blessings.
        I first printed out the 60 and then used white colour 300 gsm paper over it. Then I added swirls and flowers to the card little by little until I liked the final result . I always hope I know where to stop , I love these beautiful swirls and would gladly fill up every available space. As always I enjoyed the on edge quilling. I hand cut the white and heavy green paper used for making the swirls , the rest are store bought 5mm strips.
        Thanks for stopping by , Have a lovely day.