Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy New year 2013

 I am completing three years of blogging today and keeping with my tradition of a Quilled new year post before the end of the year I quilled this , Although it is a simple design it took me a long time , I wanted to have a kolam design with the numbers , this is not what I had in mind but it worked out well together.
I used hand cut 200 gsm white and purple colour strips on yellow colour card stock.
  Many thanks to my readers and fellow bloggers who encourage me , with their comments and mails.  Thanks to all great quillers who take time to blog and  share their techniques.



Monday, December 10, 2012

Quilled blue flowers

            Almost at the end of a year, which has been a good year for a lot of quilling for me.
I started and finished some big projects, My stalls happened, and some really good orders came my way. I am happy that I could keep all the dead lines .These are some of the cards I made for a school reunion.
This one is using the bee hive technique which Susan so kindly shared with us, which is one of my most favourite technique.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quilled poinsettia.

      Here is my Christmas card for this year. I made the poinsettia with bee hive quilling but without the frame. Ever since Chris posted her flower and shared her tutorial , I wanted to try it out. I did not exactly follow her tutorial to make this flower but the idea is entirely hers and I do love the lacy effect of this kind of beehive quilling. The card itself is very simple and looks really lovely in person.

     Thanks for stopping by, Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali greetings.

Wishing all my readers a very happy , prosperous and safe Diwali.

I am happy that I found some time for a card for diwali, I made the crackers by rolling red colour two and a half centimeter strips into tight coils. It turned out bigger than I expected almost as big as the real ones and completely filled up the card.

The punched stars and flowers are from a gold colour paper with a beautiful sheen which unfortunately doesn't show well in the photograph. The background paper is a metallic lavender .It is altogether a glittery card.

Thanks for stopping by , A very happy diwali.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Akhil's birthday gift.

     My younger son Akhil is turning fifteen today and I surprised him with this quilled miniature Harry potter.
I have lost count of the number of times Akhil has finished the entire series of Harry potter books. Abi and I try to get him to read other books and sometimes we succeed , but he always comes back to his Harry potter books. When I was looking for ideas for his birthday gift ,the idea suggested itself after years of picking up Harry potter books from just about everywhere.
    Recently he reminded me that it has been a while since I made dolls,I though making a doll for him will be a nice surprise for him.
     Abi is not happy with the cap , he thinks it looks like an elf's . I wrapped the broom around a tooth pick and the wand around a wire. Other than that the doll is completely made from paper.
    Linking this doll to - Itsy Bitsy make it dimensional challenge.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilled earring tutorial

       I was recently requested for a quilled earring tutorial from Vandana of Craftsia blog. This is a simple design made entirely out of tight coils. The colours used are silver and pink colour strips.

      Take one silver(or any colour) strip and roll it around a pen or your tool to make a tight ring coil.

       Pinch the ring coil on one side to make a tear drop shape , Repeat this step seven times. 

       Make a tight coil out of one silver strip ,first roll the strip with a needle or slotted tool and stick the end.

      After these steps you will have seven tear drops and one tight coil

      Stick all the elements together preferably on a plastic surface so that the flower can be lifted off the surface easily after drying.

      Make tight coils with the pink colour strips ( I used half a strip for each tight coil).Then stick them together to make a flower .

       Stick this pink flower on top of the silver flower. I also added a small punched circle to the back of the
earring to cover all the joints of the silver colour flower and to make the earring more sturdy

      Repeat the entire process to make another to complete the pair . I added glue to the wrong side of the earrings to strengthen it .

     I am working on a lot of cards but can't post until the end of this month. I am also trying to do my bit for our library's Navarathri Golu.

     Thanks for stopping by , have a great day.
For more of my quilled jewellery , do visit my page. .

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


     I quilled this valentine for a scrap book cover page that I was asked to make. I was given a general idea of how the page should look. This is just a different version of a valentine's day card that I have in my blog.
     The size of the page is eight inches X eight inches.I used both hand cut and pre cut quilling paper. As usual I used handmade paper for background . The pink paper does not photograph well but looks really good in person.
     Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quilled Monarch butterfly

         Early this month I was requested to make a card as a gift to someone . I had complete freedom to choose what to quill and I decided on  flowers and a butterfly .I found a new shade of orange  in a new pack of paper sheets which at once suggested  a monarch butterfly. I made this one based on a butterfly I found on Pinterest although mine turned out quite different in the end.It took me about eight hours to make the butterfly alone .Since my earlier experiments with big butterflies were not very good , I am pleased with this one.
        Monarch butterfly I believe is everyone's favourite and this one reminded me of the time ,when I dressed Akhil up like a Monarch butterfly for a competition  some ten years back. Abi of course had to always be a super hero.

       The butterfly, I quilled with a needle tool although the flowers and leaves are quilled using a slotted tool.The paper strips are all hand cut .Me and Akhil decided on this (really beautiful) background handmade paper .The butterfly really popped out on this background .I used lighter colours for the flowers and leaves so that the butterfly stands out.
       It was not easy to part with it. quilling a monarch was a long time dream of mine. The person who received this card spoke to me and was delighted with it that was so very rewarding.

Linking this to Itsy Bitsy Tricolour challenge (Saffron, green, white)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

quilled congratulations card

     I felt truly honoured when I was requested to make cards to write the names of the winning schools to be read out by the chief guest  at the award ceremony of our inter school competition. The cards were given to the winning schools along with the trophy.
     I added the sentiment first and then quilled around it. Nothing like elegant scrolls to fill up a card quickly. It is just coincidence that this card has all the colours in our flag.
     As usual Akhil has a speech ready that he will be giving today morning at the flag hoisting ceremony at our library for our 65th independence day.  .

   Linking this card to For the joy of crafting  CAS card
                                  Itsy bitsy Tri-colour (Saffron,white and green)

     These Kusudamas are so special to me . My son Akhil folded them. I wanted to make some flowers for the center of the kolam for the final day, but then I had to go away for a couple of days and did not find time.I enlisted Akhil's help , I cut the squares , he looked up for the tutorial on the internet and  folded them .,I must say I am overjoyed , he folds so neatly and so quickly, It's so nice when our kids enjoy the same things that we do.

Thanks for stopping by, Happy independence day.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quilled birthday card

     This  is just a simple birthday card with simple quilling on it.. I had this sentiment printed for Abi's birthday but  only now  got to complete the card .My computer is down from  the past two weeks and I am forced to work on my very slow laptop . It took me a long time to upload and edit this picture, I missed posting on my blog (and hearing from my blogger friends)so I took the time to post this one card. I have some more to share as well ,mostly cards which I hope to post when my computer is back.

     I am also busy with preparations for an inter school competition organised by us ladies of our library, I am in charge of preparations for Spell bee competition and I will also help judge the origami competition.I love interacting with children and I enjoy these events thoroughly .

     Thanks for stopping by , have a lovely day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some quilled cards

Today I am sharing some cards that I made for my stall. This first one has my favourite technique multi strip scrolls.The background handmade paper is actually very brilliant . This is one of my favourite cards .

The flowers are made using the alternate looping method. and the leaves are punched.

 Thanks to all of your wishes , my stall did very well.  My quilled jewellery were more popular , and much admired. Hope to post more pictures soon.

  Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilled butterfly card

       My elder son Abi is turning seventeen today, He loves reading books and listening to music and follows every sport happening round the world. He is in class twelve and has so much of studying to do. Since he helps me print and even search the internet sometimes he takes more notice of my quilling these days. I hope to interest him to try digital quilling after his twelfth exams.
       This is not the card I would normally make for him, but he liked this butterfly which I made sometime back and I had planned to use it on a card for him. I planned a more boy card but it did not turn out that way. But then I end up with all the cards I make for him so I thought I might as well add flowers and make it beautiful..

        This is another card I made just to use this sentiment and yet again used flowers. I am in the middle of preparation for a sale organised by the members of our library, Since this will be my first stall (really a very modest one) I want to put up a good show. I have made some cards and earrings. I have photographed some of them , all in a hurry, will post when I have the time.

Linking this card to Kavi's challenge, anything goes.FOR THE LOVE OF CRAFTING

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Housewarming card

         Just a simple house warming card , with simple quiling on it for an order from a friend. I had very little time for this card, I added the sentiment after I took this picture .
          Thanks for stopping by, Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quilled cards

         I got more lovely hand made paper back from my trip to Bangalore , Here are a few cards I made last month using them.
         Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day.      

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arathi decorations

        Just a quick post to share my third and fourth arathi thattu decoration with quilling on it .Lamps can be placed in the center of the plates .This post  is especially for people who mail me for more ideas for decorating wedding plates.
        The second plate is decorated with spiral roses after I cut the paper with a pair of craft scissors.The green leaves are made from green paper from an old paper bag.

       Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quilled peacock

      Me and my sister have always been fascinated by peacock patterns and designs . Quilling a peacock therefore has always been on my mind.. I am visiting my mother and I am with her today on mother's day .  I wanted to gift her something special  .Since my brother bought her an ipad she has been my regular reader. As soon as I post something new she calls me to say how much she liked it and  she also shares it with my father.
    I found a beautiful oil painting of a peacock on the internet and tried to quill mine to look like it.The most difficult part was to make and arrange the feathers. When I first arranged them I couldn't do it in a natural way without a lot of gaps in between the feathers .To make the tail more full, I first made a lot of eccentric circles with 2mm green colour strips and stuck them  together to form a layer and then arranged the feathers over them so that the green strips underneath showed in the gaps and also helped in giving dimension to the tail.
    I used only Pre cut strips and a needle tool ,it is such a joy working with pre cut strips as the finish is so much more fine

     Though now I like big projects , I would like to go back to the comfort of cards and small projects for sometime.I did not get much time to photograph this project,  I was working till the last minute and it had to be taken for framing . This picture I shot in Sunlight .

    It has been a very busy month with me crafting along with my summer English classes at our library, I still have a week of classes and looks like I am already behind in my Arathi plate decorations ,I wonder where time goes.

     Thanks for stopping by, and happy mother's day.



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quilling my profile picture

       It is with lot of joy that I share my most favourite and biggest project of all with all my blogger friends . This project is very special to me as I have long dreamt of quilling my profile picture.
       Durga or Shakthi  means  strength or energy and feminine creative power. The terracotta Durga  mask in my profile picture has been with me for the past seven years, it hangs over the door in my room . It is such a smiling mask and when the lighting in the room changes the expression on Durga's face seems to also change and I am forever fascinated by it
        I started this project last september ,I had finished only the top triangular part of the crown when I put it away to take it up when I had more time. Re starting the project was the most difficult part , I have more colours now and I also don't have some of the colours that I had used at that time. I also had to figure out the lengths of strips that I had used .But once I started I was quite obsessed with it . I kept at it when ever I found time not even going online some days:).I have to thank my husband for suggesting this project and getting me all the quilling paper that I needed  .
       I first finished the head dress and then the ears , hoping to quill the face too. I did not want to spoil the work  so I decided to print out the face alone. I found this face on a Tanjore painting and by that time even I started to think that my work resembles a Tanjore painting. I made a lot of adjustments to fit the ornaments around the image and quilled over the hair and all the jewels on her face. The fact that I could fit the head dress and the earrings around the image is nothing short of a miracle.Many thanks to my elder son Abi who helped me print out so many pictures and manipulated  the images to suit the colours that I have used.
       As this is a special project  I  only used pre cut strips  and a needle tool for the entire work.

         I still have to frame my work ,here I have just placed my quilled Durga on a board I have prepared for my next Arathi thattu.
        Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quilled flowers framed work.

         I got some new colours ,some beautiful shades of pink and couldn't wait to work with them. I recently got a request for a frame work with lot of flowers and quilling flowers is what I love best. It took me a lot of time to finish this one ,I did struggle to arrange the flowers and  feared if it might look too busy in some places.
      I have used both hand cut and store bought strips for this project. The background is a blue colour card stock which is an A4 size. This is the biggest work of mine, and my respect for people who do big projects has increased.

        Many thanks to Noor Nahdi of Paperie Designs' Studio and Hussena for featuring me on her blog.

      Thanks for stopping by, Have a nice day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

For the love of crafting DT call.

       I somehow missed Kavi's Design team call. Looks like there is still time. All you have to do to participate is to post three of your work and link back to the challenge blog here.

Home decor
      For those who would also like to participate , do so before March 31st.   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilled OM

   The ancient syllable OM or AUM is the shortest of the Mantras and in the Indian tradition it is a word suggestive of God.Repetition of OM enables one to maintain mental and emotional calmness , overcome obstacles and enable understanding.Saying "OM" is actually a form of meditation.

    I made this card for a dear friend. I wanted to make a simple OM symbol and fill it Szalonaisa style, you can see one of her work here where she has used such tiny elements to fill up the animal figures. I rolled the strips around a old refill to make small circles. I have lost count of the hours it took me to finish this one. I almost at one point believed it would never end.But it looks so beautiful as if made with tiny beads. Needless to say it looks better than it does in the pictures.

Thanks for stopping by, Have a creative day.

Here's another OM I  made on request. Glad it also turned out well.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crimped flower

      I finished decorating another arathi thattu. Like my previous one this is also a  wooden frame covered with handmade paper. The plate is decorated with quilling ,some bling and the frame is decorated with a  recyled ribbon flower and a string of beads .

      The square is quite large with both the length and breadth more than A4 size , the challenge for me was to find ways to cover the area quickly. I made a big crimped flower for the center and swirls to cover the rest of the space. Alternate looping method is a quick way to make big quilled elements and so I choose this method . I did struggle a lot to stick the single strips on the uneven surface, had to use a lot of glue . The good thing is the glue doesn't show much. I made the center of the flower flat so as to make place for a small lamp.
      Thanks for stopping by, Happy international women's day.