Sunday, May 26, 2013

Swirls and curls

     The beauty of curls and swirls is what draws me most to quilling. Recently I was asked to quill some not so complicated designs to be photographed and used. Here are some of them. I was given reference from the internet most of them were quilling by Yulia.I was also given the required colours and the directions of the swirls required. I was also given lot of freedom to do my own designs. I believe I would never tire of quilling swirls and curls ever. I have not had much time to quill this month ,  I am busy with my Summer English classes.


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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quilled Monarch

     This is my second Monarch butterfly , I am happy with this because it is an improvement from my previous one and also because I quilled based on a picture of the butterfly instead of other quilled butterflies . All the paper strips except the dark orange are store bought .I quilled the entire butterfly with a very fine needle. It took me about ten hours to complete this. 
   This is a stand alone piece  I strengthened the butterfly by applying glue to the underside.  It was made on request , I had it with me for sometime and found it hard to part with it when I had to . 

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