Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilled butterflies.


    I recently received a request for two butterflies a Monarch and a Blue Morpho.  This is my first attempt at quilling a Blue Morpho butterfly.  I hope I  have done justice translating the image into quilling. The most difficult part was finding the right blue shade quilling strips. After many trials with different shades of blue I settled for this one. The strips had a beautiful sheen when rolled which I could not capture with my camera.

    I made another Monarch ,a detailed one . It took me many hours to make all the tiny tight coils . I made the whole butterfly with a very fine needle tool. Looks like my page is filled with butterflies and peacocks.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blue beehive flowers for mother's day

       I made this card for mother's day and gifted it to my most hard working student in my Summer class to give it to her mother. It is such a joy when all the colours you use work well together.
       A very happy mother's day to all the wonderful mothers out there.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quilled Peacock

      I made another peacock for another request . I used the same image as my earlier peacock( I was asked to make a similar one). After I  finished the peacock I drew the tree around it and filled it with beehive quilling technique using two shades of brown. The peacock is made using 5 mm quililng strips, whereas the tree and flowers are made using 3mm quilling strips. This did not take as much time as my earlier one ,I had all the colours ready and I also remembered the lengths and the size of the coils I had used. Although I tried the exact same peacock , the arrangement of the feathers turned out different making this also as unique as all my other quilled versions.
     It so happened I had to photograph on the very rare summer morning in Chennai when the Sun would n't come out. I had to rush to the framers and hence the dull picture.      
     I am also in the middle of my Summer English class with another batch of sweet and creative kids.

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