Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quilled Lions club international logo


        This is one of my most challenging projects so far. I was asked to make a Quilled version of the Lion's club international logo to be gifted to a Lions club Governor.The piece is 10 X 10 inches . I worked on a printed version of the logo and since the design was readily available I did not think it would be difficult but as I progressed  ,I struggled to keep up with the actual printed version.
        I spent an entire day making the words 'INTERNATIONAL' I tried a whole lot of techniques and finally stuck a whole lot of strips together and used them.
       In the Lions club logo the lions are not symmetrical . Their expressions and shapes are different, it took me many hours of trials to finish the first face which is the right side one . The left one then followed on the same lines. I am happy the way the eyes turned out which is one of the most important element of the face. I used 5mm strips for the whole project. expect for the tongue for which I used 3mm strips. I did my very best to make the Quilled version as much close to the original design as I could.
       Thanks for stopping by , Have a creative day.