Sunday, September 15, 2013

More paper beads.

      It is Golu time again, with Navarathri fast approaching . We ladies of our library have started work which will go on till the beginning of next month. I thought I would post some paper beads that I made some time ago and again take a break from blogging until after Navarathri. But then again if I happen to make anything nice with paper for the Golu  I will surely take time to post.
     These beads are made out of metallic red colour paper rolled into a cone shape and then hand painted with acrylic gold  . The pendant is quilled with the same metallic paper. The tight coil at the center is also painted. This was made on request from a friend for her son's wedding as one of the many wedding day gifts for her daughter in law.

      These paper beads are made from recycling a catalogue . I really enjoyed rolling these.

Thanks for stopping by , Have a great day.