Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quilled 2016

     I wanted to try out something fun for a change. I have been trying out the tubing technique I have seen on Jane Jenkins blog . To start with I struggled a lot but it started getting better with some practice. I found the tubes so versatile and strong enough to be shaped. It occurred that I could shape them into numbers for 2016 ,the year of the monkey as per the Chinese calendar.The monkey I learnt from Diane Boden's book- Quilled Animals.
     Today I complete six years of blogging. Last year has been very good for Quilling. It is time for me to thank every one who has encouraged and supported me. My special thanks to all the people who believed in me and placed orders and have shown so much patience  ,when sometimes I took so much more time.
     The memory of Chennai rains will stay with us for a very long time. Thanks again for all the prayers and help from so many people to the people of Chennai from all over the world.
     Thanks for stopping by, A merry Christmas and a great year ahead to everyone.