Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quilled miniatures


    I chose to quill this bird for its colour. My brother is visiting from Australia , this time with his kids(The framed grape vine is for him) . My six year old niece Prisha loves all things pink. She will be visiting me next Monday and will be with me for just that day. My plan is to win her over as soon as she comes. 

    Quilled miniature girl.

      I have tried to keep it simple as this is my first trial at quilling miniature people. I don't have the colours for the face and so had to hand cut strips and I am very happy with it. There is a lot of room for improvement I know, but it looks good enough to interest a little girl. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quilled grape vine.

      This would be my first framed work. I shot these pictures before framing it. My husband has long been telling me to come out of the comfort of quilled jewellery and cards ,but I am honestly scared to start something big. This is not very big but the biggest quilled work of mine. 

      The coils for the grapes I had made a long time ago even before going to Bangalore. i thought I will finish this there , but my mom likes to have my complete attention when I visit her.So the coils remained in a box. Now I need to give someone my quilled work as a gift and that encouraged me to finish this grape vine.

     This is not my design, it is something I found at Claire's blog . I have tried to recreate her grape vine, for which she has given very easy instructions.I really love her blog and have learnt a lot from her work.

       The background is a handmade paper which really brings out the colours of the strips I have used(which are brighter than they look in this picture).I have used 3mm purple colour quilling strips for the grapes and 5mm green colour quilling paper for the leaves. 1cm wide brown strip for the large stem and  5mm for the smaller ones.I quilled the entire piece with my tapestry needle to which I have attached a handle.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Quilled flower bunch

          When I start making quilled jewellery , its very difficult for me to think of cards again. I have been quilling some earrings and gift tags for my friends . A link from facebook took me to this site where I found this bunch of flowers which I think is more like a kusudama. Here's my own trial.

   I made six flowers and stuck them like I would stick petals but on the wrong side.That is, I stuck the flowers upside down to make a flower with one flower in the center and the rest of the flowers like petals and then after the glue dried I turned the whole flower bunch upside down. I must own that some glue is showing and it is not as beautiful as the original , still I like it and it is a nice idea.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quilled earrings and a flower

      This one is made from 3mm width purple and ivory crimped strips - I love to work with crimped strips .

      The husked flower and crimped flower earrings are small and were made as a special request for small kids.

      The crimped flowers are made from 3mm width blue pearl colour strips.

          These brown crimped earrings ,for a chocolate lover perhaps? made from brown and metallic brown colour strips.

       This is  my favourite , tight coil earrings made from red and blue strips.


  With such encouragement from white Racoon I made this quilled flower to enter the Homyachok quilling challenge #1. The petals are made from eccentric circles. For the center fringed flower I have used the same crepe paper I used to make my crepe paper rosettes. The paper is duplex with yellow on one side and very light yellow on the other.The background for this flower is a handmade paper to give the illusion of water.

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