Friday, June 24, 2011

Abi's birthday gift

        Today my son Abi is turning 16. I decided to quill some things that he likes the most and give it to him as his birthday gift. Anyone who knows Abi will tell he can't do without books. He is a voracious reader and is so well informed.My first gift was a stack of books. Akhil came to my rescue and showed me a logo which had two  red socks and said that his anna(elder brother) will be delighted if I quilled the logo of Boston red sox.

       I always pride on knowing every thing about my kids and I was surprised that Abi should have a favourite baseball team and more so as baseball is not popular in India.

      Once I decided on the logo I decided to make fridge magnets and gift them to him. My husband wanted a card to write our wishes so I stuck them all on to the card without the magnets but gave the magnets to him, for him to use as he wishes. 
He  has always been crazy about cars since he was a little kid and can't wait to drive one.It has not been easy at all quilling for my kids ,they have seen me quill so much that nothing surprises them. And to quill for them without their seeing, I have found is impossible.

After i finished this card i realised that this card would be right for a six year old as well. I wonder if I will ever think  my kids grownup .And he was delighted with the logo:)

 I can't thank my fellow blogger's enough for their support , I don't think I would have learned so much if it were not for these talented people who share their work and tutorials . Blogging has helped me learn so many different techniques and styles which no one book can give.Thank you .

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quilled baby card

            This will be my first baby card and I have tried to quill a baby in a cradle.
A well worn cotton saree is all it takes to make a makeshift cradle  .My kids did not take to this cradle, which was very well with me. Except, Abi slept in such a cradle for a month or so and would always peep like this when he wakes up and I have such adorable pictures of his looking from his cradle. 

         I used crimped strips to make the word 'girl' , The 'G' unfortunately looked like 'C',I altered it a bit and  hope it looks little more like 'G' now. I found both the baby in the cradle and the girl lettering on pictures of stickers on the internet.

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        Take a quill pill  Baby cards.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilled card

             This card is inspired by ICR4 colour splash- black and white with hues of blue. ICR4
         I made this husked butterfly , I already had a blue colour fringed flower which I used in this card. Really simple one but not so easy for me , just using these colours.I punched out some flowers for the background . 

         I would like to thank all my blogger friends who encourage me with their kind words and make me like my work more than I did to start with. When it is not easy to craft through the ups and downs ,which is typical of life , the comments that I read make me believe in what I am doing . Thank you all for making blogging so enjoyable .

     I sometimes drop my flower into this small bowl (this is half of the round box in which gems chocolate came) to angle the petals a bit. I have stuck a small cone shaped paper at the bottom which also helps keep the shape.

        Inspired by Ann Martin's post on Aluminium quilling, I tried a very simple quilling by cutting out a used can. Ann's post shows some intricate work ,do take a look if you haven't yet. If you would like to see how I did it I have some more pictures here.

         My Crepe flower card made it to the top three at ICR3 ,
         My monochromatic card made it to the top three at kavitha's guest challenge and won the take a quill pill challenge for may.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quilling on silk

         After a long anxious week , Abi's tenth standard CBSE results were finally announced and Abi got all A1s and got the group he was hoping for. I am a typical Indian mother ,my kid's academic performance is most important to me. Relieved, I sat down to make this card.

      The background for this card is a silk cloth that I had saved with a lot of other materials that remain from my sewing. I followed Ashmitha's video tutorial to stick the fabric on to the paper . She does warn about using silk but this particular material is quite thick and heavy and so the glue does not show on the other side. I am really happy that it worked so well. The quilling also sticks quite well on to this fabric. 

     The glue does show more than on paper so had to be very careful. I cut out handmade paper with craft scissors for the border.

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