Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quilled Banyan tree For St Kevin's School

        Class of 1984 from St Kevin's school are having a reunion today , I was requested to make a gift for their beloved school. The banyan tree was chosen as it fitted with their idea of expressing what each letter of the school stood for them.
        I had secretly wished I will not have to repeat quilling a banyan tree as my first tree turned out perfect and I was afraid my next attempts might fall short. This tree is at least three times as big as my earlier tree and in one place it has three layers of beehives. I used four colours of hand cut heavier paper for the trunk , I also cut them in slightly different widths to give the trunk a more natural texture.
       The letters were the most challenging , I printed them out and got the impression of the letters on the paper and quilled over them. The back ground is white metallic paper, I did not measure the exact size of the work, it is considerably more than A4 size.
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Twenty fifth wedding anniversary quilled card.

         This will be one of my most favourite cards, for it turned out far better than I imagined. When  I was asked to make a card for a twenty fifth wedding anniversary, I wanted to make something elegant with lots of white and the number 25.I made two blue butterflies with the idea that they would stand out against the white background . As I progressed I felt the need for more colours and I used some strips that I have been hoarding for a long time, two tone purple and two tone orange strips to make the flowers.
    The background paper is metallic white, I embossed the sides first and then I embossed another paper and cut out the heart shape.  The numbers were the most challenging since it had to be done on embossed paper .Surprisingly it turned out perfect !!I made them in bits using a printed image as reference and then glued them on to the paper, I used two tone blue 3mm paper to quill them. The butterflies are simple and small made using 3mm light and dark blue paper strips.

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