Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quilled 2016

     I wanted to try out something fun for a change. I have been trying out the tubing technique I have seen on Jane Jenkins blog . To start with I struggled a lot but it started getting better with some practice. I found the tubes so versatile and strong enough to be shaped. It occurred that I could shape them into numbers for 2016 ,the year of the monkey as per the Chinese calendar.The monkey I learnt from Diane Boden's book- Quilled Animals.
     Today I complete six years of blogging. Last year has been very good for Quilling. It is time for me to thank every one who has encouraged and supported me. My special thanks to all the people who believed in me and placed orders and have shown so much patience  ,when sometimes I took so much more time.
     The memory of Chennai rains will stay with us for a very long time. Thanks again for all the prayers and help from so many people to the people of Chennai from all over the world.
     Thanks for stopping by, A merry Christmas and a great year ahead to everyone.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chennai Chronicle 22 Nov 2015

       An article about my Quilling was published today on Chennai Chronicle. Really happy as to how it has been written.

      An year ago I had worked on an unique project a name plate comprising of individual letters spelling Pranesh Photography. It was a new learning experience as after trying very hard to find someone to cut the letters for me , I had to cut them myself  I had layered two thick paper and cut slowly to get a perfect cut. Sometimes I smoothed the curves with a sandpaper. The person who contacted for the article was the wife of my customer bringing back memories. I had not posted the letters here because I could not photograph the entire name as it was too long. You can see more letters here on my page.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quilled Durga

         When I first Quilled this Durga more than three years ago. It was my biggest and most challenging projects. I was convinced I will never be able to quill another again. Recently a friend requested and the idea of making one again slowly started to form. I don't have a base design for reference I just do a simple sketch and keep making changes as I progress. 
          This one took me two weeks to complete , It took me days to just decide the colours , I don't have the original colours and so I ordered paper from different shops for different shades still, I was not satisfied until the finished picture came out well. 
          First I made the top of the crown , In these three years I have had more practice and so I tried different techniques and layering . I used some 5mm paper but mostly the entire project is in 3mm .
Most of the elements are tight coils .I had to sometimes pull everything apart and start over. Even though I had a rough sketch it was not easy for me to predict the final size especially with the earrings which had to complement each other. I am really happy how colourful my Durga turned out. At first glance this picture almost looks like my previous one although I have made several changes which is also very satisfying. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quilled Eiffel Tower

   It took me entire two days to complete this Tower. It is part of a big frame work , the finished final work is still in progress. It has a lot of elements and I hope they all come together. I printed a free clip art of the tower and worked over it . I stuck two black strips length wise and let it dry and cut them into small bits as required for the making of the Tower.

    I made another heart full of roses for the same project.  Here is the tutorial I used. Tutorial

    Althought the final project is not complete I couldn't resist posting the Eiffel tower here.
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Quilled K

   I love making Quilled letters , and especially happy when I receive a card request. The font the colours to use were all given to me . I pretty much filled up the whole card which was also requested making the whole process easy and fun.
   I am not getting updates from even my favourite pages on Facebook. I am not sure if anyone else has this problem and now a days I depend more on blogger to get updates . I hope also to be as active on blogger as I can.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Customised Quilling.

    I was recently requested to make a card with the sentiments , 'Celebrate' and 'U r Loved' on it. I was also asked to include rainbow colours if possible in the card. I made this almost white on white card with white flowers with rainbow centres. I really love how elegant it turned out!

      This twenty fifth anniversary is customised in purple shades in the exact pattern as  my earlier version . 

This Rosary is another first , Would have never thought of making one if I had not received this request. I used metallic paper for the beads as well as the cross. I painted the cross with a thin coat of pearl gold.

    I have been making a lot of tree it seems this year and this one is very special. I was asked to add the words' Kalpa Vriksha ' or the wish giving tree at the top . I am very fond of this font and took this opportunity to use it. When Nirmala called me to place the order she told me that almost an year ago she had seen my husband at the framers with a quilled tree and that she having not heard of Quilling before had been curious about it. She learnt about my blog from my husband and mailed me when she needed to gift someone a special gift.

   Recently I worked to make a lot of Quilled jewellery sets for a college reunion.  The colours they had chosen were red, black and Gold.  After a lot of though it was decided that the ladies would each receive a Quilled set and the men would each receive a Quilled hanging for their car. You can see the Quilled jewellery I made on my Page . The past many weeks have been very stressful as there was a lot of confusion in this year's seat allotment to the NITs. It included us having to make sudden travel plans to NITs in other states. I took my Quilling along with me and this particular hangings I made on the train, it did attract a lot of attention and I also found some Quilling enthusiasts . But all our confusion has a happy ending , my younger son Akhil is now in NIT Trichy , our home state NIT along with his elder brother.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Wedding plates with quilling.

    Today I am sharing some of the wedding plate decorations I  made using Quilling.  The request came from a friend for her daughter's wedding , she wanted one wedding knot and the names but pretty much left everything else to me. I tried some new techniques that I have not tried before. I particularly enjoyed working with crepe paper . The background handmade paper is my new purchase from my recent trip to Pondicherry, I visited the factory to buy these paper. They are thin and flexible with brilliant colours And delightful to work with. It does not show in these pictures but these gorgeous paper have beautiful streaks of Gold and silver running through the length of the sheet.

     For the names of the bride and groom I used the same font as that in the wedding invitation . I printed them out on an A4 sheet got the impression on metallic paper and quilled over it. I used five shades of pink to get the graduating effect.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quilled banyan tree

   Last month I was surprised to receive two requests for quilled Banyan tree at about the same time. The first one is the small version, about 17cms X 21cms. The second tree is a 30cms X 30cms. I did not make many changes in the type of little quilled life around the tree. I am happy both the recipients liked the tree a lot and found it more beautiful in person.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quilled Lions club international logo


        This is one of my most challenging projects so far. I was asked to make a Quilled version of the Lion's club international logo to be gifted to a Lions club Governor.The piece is 10 X 10 inches . I worked on a printed version of the logo and since the design was readily available I did not think it would be difficult but as I progressed  ,I struggled to keep up with the actual printed version.
        I spent an entire day making the words 'INTERNATIONAL' I tried a whole lot of techniques and finally stuck a whole lot of strips together and used them.
       In the Lions club logo the lions are not symmetrical . Their expressions and shapes are different, it took me many hours of trials to finish the first face which is the right side one . The left one then followed on the same lines. I am happy the way the eyes turned out which is one of the most important element of the face. I used 5mm strips for the whole project. expect for the tongue for which I used 3mm strips. I did my very best to make the Quilled version as much close to the original design as I could.
       Thanks for stopping by , Have a creative day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Quilled jewellery.

       Here are some of the quilled jewellery I made on request from a dear friend.  I was given complete liberty to make my own designs and choose the colours for them and I enjoyed making them
      Do check my page for more designs.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

For my love for Quilled flowers

          Recently I made exactly forty cards for Stanley Medical college 1982 batch students get together. I could have made the same flowers for all the cards , but I took the opportunity to try out new layered flowers and colour combinations. Needless to say I had a most enjoyable time making forty different flowers. I wanted to picture all the forty flowers together ,Akhil wanted that I arrange them to some Alphabet or word before I photographed.  I was running out of time and as this is the Valentine month I decided on a heart shape , to show my love for quilled flowers.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quilled Ganesha.

      Ganesha - the lord of good beginnings. Ever since I made  my first Ganesha , I have received numerous requests to quill the same. Only recently I received a request from someone dear whom I could not refuse . It is also my biggest Ganesha and my biggest project so far. My husband helped get the picture printed for me to quill. The paper on which it was printed has a very metallic texture although it looks rich in person , it doesn't photograph well at all and it was difficult to stick the strips down the smooth surface .
      I am actually happy with the outcome. I didn't have any of the paper that I had used when I first Quilled so I had to gather them before starting. The printed background is also a few shades darker than my first one and I choose paper strips accordingly . I used 5mm paper for the whole project. I have made some minor changes as required.

      When I made the first Ganesha , two years ago my elder son Abi was taking his twelfth exam. Now coincidentally Akhil is facing his twelfth board exam. My prayer is that he also has a great new beginning after  finishing school.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Heart full of roses.

        Happy to present my first project for this year. It is a request from a very sweet person for her husband for his birthday.  I was asked to make a heart full of roses with birthday wishes. I cut out a heart  from red colour hand made paper and folded a whole lot of roses, I arranged the flowers and stuck them down. The sentiments are printed. I ran my embossing tool over the handmade paper and shaped it to give the heart a slight  three dimensional look. 


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