Monday, August 27, 2012

Quilled Monarch butterfly

         Early this month I was requested to make a card as a gift to someone . I had complete freedom to choose what to quill and I decided on  flowers and a butterfly .I found a new shade of orange  in a new pack of paper sheets which at once suggested  a monarch butterfly. I made this one based on a butterfly I found on Pinterest although mine turned out quite different in the end.It took me about eight hours to make the butterfly alone .Since my earlier experiments with big butterflies were not very good , I am pleased with this one.
        Monarch butterfly I believe is everyone's favourite and this one reminded me of the time ,when I dressed Akhil up like a Monarch butterfly for a competition  some ten years back. Abi of course had to always be a super hero.

       The butterfly, I quilled with a needle tool although the flowers and leaves are quilled using a slotted tool.The paper strips are all hand cut .Me and Akhil decided on this (really beautiful) background handmade paper .The butterfly really popped out on this background .I used lighter colours for the flowers and leaves so that the butterfly stands out.
       It was not easy to part with it. quilling a monarch was a long time dream of mine. The person who received this card spoke to me and was delighted with it that was so very rewarding.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

quilled congratulations card

     I felt truly honoured when I was requested to make cards to write the names of the winning schools to be read out by the chief guest  at the award ceremony of our inter school competition. The cards were given to the winning schools along with the trophy.
     I added the sentiment first and then quilled around it. Nothing like elegant scrolls to fill up a card quickly. It is just coincidence that this card has all the colours in our flag.
     As usual Akhil has a speech ready that he will be giving today morning at the flag hoisting ceremony at our library for our 65th independence day.  .

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                                  Itsy bitsy Tri-colour (Saffron,white and green)

     These Kusudamas are so special to me . My son Akhil folded them. I wanted to make some flowers for the center of the kolam for the final day, but then I had to go away for a couple of days and did not find time.I enlisted Akhil's help , I cut the squares , he looked up for the tutorial on the internet and  folded them .,I must say I am overjoyed , he folds so neatly and so quickly, It's so nice when our kids enjoy the same things that we do.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quilled birthday card

     This  is just a simple birthday card with simple quilling on it.. I had this sentiment printed for Abi's birthday but  only now  got to complete the card .My computer is down from  the past two weeks and I am forced to work on my very slow laptop . It took me a long time to upload and edit this picture, I missed posting on my blog (and hearing from my blogger friends)so I took the time to post this one card. I have some more to share as well ,mostly cards which I hope to post when my computer is back.

     I am also busy with preparations for an inter school competition organised by us ladies of our library, I am in charge of preparations for Spell bee competition and I will also help judge the origami competition.I love interacting with children and I enjoy these events thoroughly .

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