Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quilled jewellery

       It has been so long since I last blogged and I though I should share some of the quilled jewellery that I have been making . I made this one on request from a friend to match her beautiful saree. The quilled elements are all tight coils, I rolled the two colour strips separately to find the exact length of each required to make the same sized tight coils and then cut a whole bunch of them to that length and rolled them. I also made matching earrings for this pendant. The beads are also paper , painted with acrylic gold colour.

      This purple set is one of my very favourite , it turned out exactly as I had imagined  The one thing I hate about making jewellery is the sealing and varnishing part. I am always a bit nervous when I come to that part after making a beautiful piece.It is difficult to see  the beauty of rolled paper turn to something stiff and plastic ,  sometimes the colours too change drastically . I try making tight coils for most parts so that it is easy to seal and varnish.

    Thanks for stopping by have a great day.