Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quilled flower

         This post is quite in contrast with my previous one:). I made this flower as a trial by cutting out two shades of violet colour strips. It turned out really pretty.The colours are a lot different in person, Purple tends to look more blue in my photos.  
      The first picture is with my camcorder as I lost my camera charger somewhere ,between here and my mom's house. I took the second picture after my husband got me a new charger.


         I have used many shades of purple in this card(doesn't show in the picture)  ,the scrolls were an afterthought and the leaf shapes were made to support the scrolls. I glued all the petals and let it dry in one of the circles of my palette I use to mix water colours, to get this shape.

Kavitha's guest challenge -handmade flower
ICR colour challenge -handmade embellishment
Take a quill pill-monochromatic
Papercrafting journey -anything goes

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

crepe paper rosettes

        I have never used such brilliant colours on my card!  Kavitha is having a long celebration on her blog and I wanted to take a little part in it. For this card my starting point was a card of Kavi which she had sent me with her candy.I link this card to her Inspirational challenge .
     The brilliant colours I have used is inspired by ICR colour challenge I love bright colours and really enjoyed putting to use some of the stuff I never thought I would use. The back ground paper is from a hand made paper pack I got from Bangalore -a very bright yellow.The crepe paper rosettes are handmade and there is also a quilled flower.I have also used quilled letterings "Be Happy" with dark blue quilling strips, hope it shows in the picture.

      Crepe flower rosettes:-

                   Cut two strips of 1cm width crepe paper.

                   Accordion fold the strips.

                  Take a circle of paper and spread glue on the edges of the circle and stick the strip slowly gathering the folds as you glue all around the circle.

                 Cut off the extra strip of paper and stick the end.

                Apply glue in the center and glue the second strip same way as the first.

               I stuck a big bead in the center.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilled mother's day card

      I am back from visiting my mom after a most enjoyable vacation with my parents. Without an internet I did miss all the updates from my favourite blogs. 

      I did not have time to make a card for my mom for mother's day but I did pack a few strips when I left for Bangalore. My mom has always wanted to see how I quill. I made this simple card for my mom and showed her how to quill with a slotted tool. My mom has flowering plants all around her house and in the terrace , mostly in pots. And also her calling bell looks like a bird house and makes bird noises . I included the bird house in this card and my mom was most impressed by it.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quilled miniature plants

      I have always been fascinated by quilled miniatures ,but somehow I have not the confidence to try miniatures myself. Before I could try little people ,this is my first attempt at quilled miniatures.

          I discovered the joy of quilling all over again making these little ones.
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