Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quilled girl

   This project started as a card request. I was asked to make a card for a nature lover ,with a name and some butterflies, slowly additions were made and subsequently the size also increased until it reached an A3 size frame work. The girl with a peacock feather gown was to be the focus of this work,  I tried layering the feathers and then tried making a peacock tail like design , which  unfortunately left large gaps . Later I made the peacock eye shapes and filled the gaps with beehive technique. I made tiny flowers for her hair and some for her to hold in her arms.

    Quilling a scarlet Macaw was in my to do list and so took this opportunity to make one. I found an image of this Macaw in flight and used it.I used 3mm strips to make this one. Most of the feathers are made using wheat ear technique.

   I loved how this butterfly turned out I used 3mm dark centre quilling paper , purple colour to make this one.

    This is my biggest project so far and many thanks to my customer who gave me precise instructions on colours and placements and for the beautiful font for the name. It was almost ten days of hard work but the warm appreciation from the recipient made it all worth it. Needless to say it looks many times better in person .

Thanks for stopping by , Have a wonderful day.