Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wishing everyone who stops by a very happy 
New year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quilled miniature Hanuman

      Today is my second blog anniversary,and I have something new to share - a miniature Hanuman doll. Hanuman is a Hindu God , he is depicted with a face of a monkey and he is worshipped for good health.He is famous for being very brave and strong and deeply devoted to Lord Rama. He is also the favourite among kids, like a super hero with lot of animated movies based on his stories.
       When I first got the request I took it up with lot of doubts.  It was not easy and it took me a long time to figure out and then quill this doll, but I am happy with the likeness I managed to get . 
        Here's how he looks from behind. He is very colourful and he is made almost completely from paper , except for his earrings which are beads and the floral wires which were inserted inside his legs, arms and his tail. Even his jewels are cut from a shiny paper and his clothes are made from duplex crepe paper .The dome shaped of his crown is made from gold colour quilling strips.I am most happy with his tail as it took shape without much trouble . I worried about it's drooping down.This doll is more than four inches tall.

           When I wrote this post I did not know but only learnt from Anandhirajan's comment that Hanumanth Jayanthi is on 24 th , which makes for a happy coincidence.
       This is another kolam which is also a repeat of my earlier work for the same person who requested the doll .So far I have only accepted requests from people whom I know  ,this is the first time I accepted a request through Email. 

        LInking to Kavi's Challenge  -anything but a card.

      Blog land has given me above all an opportunity to know so many wonderful people. I received this lamp from one of my blogger friends, Viji I came to know her from the wonderful comments she would leave in my blog and I found her from her blog to be such a warm person who takes joy from the smallest of things . When she posted pictures of her lamps ,I liked this one so much that she would have a similar one sent to me. I am so very touched by her affectionate gesture.

         I thank again and again all my blogger friends for generously sharing their work and techniques.Ann  for always inspiring me by her awesome finds and her all too elegant quilling.Also many thanks to people who take time to email me and tell me how my blog has been of help .Makes me feel better at times when I find blogging overwhelming.
        My husband for buying me a new camera early this year, and for promising me all the paper strips I want for my big projects.
Akhil enjoys quilling and even Abi , during his holidays when he had nothing to do wanted to know how I made the square shape. My kids say such nice things about my work and bear with me when all is not working , that I am so very thankful to them.
        Leaving tomorrow to visit my mother in Bangalore for the Christmas holidays and will be back with one last post(I hope) for this year.

         Thanks for stopping by.Merry Christmas to everyone .

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas card

         A simple card for Christmas. I saw an image of  this candle on a greeting card with similar such flowers , The frame with holly leaves is printed. For me Christmas season is such a joyous time. Even in quilling I get to make such pretty things. 

      This is my first trial of Mihaela's tutorial for the greens.

     Thanks for stopping by, Happy a lovely day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quilled kolam

         I have never tried to repeat any of my work , as I think I  am always first time lucky. But  when I got a request to quill a kolam which I had done almost two years ago, I wanted to find out if I really can make a similar one. This is the kolam , I made it when I was cutting paper strips with scissors with very thick paper .And it was a time when I was blogging just for myself to record my own progress in paper crafts with only Akhil as my follower. 
         I am happy that this kolam is an improvement over my previous one and hope I will find my quilling more improved when I look back at this after a few more years. This turned out a bit bigger than the earlier one. Though I don't have the previous one now , I know it fit inside a C.D.
         I have used thick white pearlised paper for this kolam and hand cut A4 size paper 80 gsm for the pink teardrops.The kolam is quite sturdy and since Thiru Karthigai is just a day away it is nice to post a kolam. 

Thanks for stopping by ,have a lovely day.