Tuesday, June 29, 2010


       For this card I have cut the leaves and the vines. I wanted a light background for the bright flowers ,but the vines looked very dull, so I painted it again with water colours and since I painted after sticking it to the card, I am not very happy with that colour.But I am happy to have tried paper cutting , I don't have a proper blade , but I could learn to like paper cutting as any other paper craft.
       Here I have cut white paper and water coloured them.

      For the rosette, take a strip ( I have used 1 cm width quilling paper) of about 20 cms.

      Accordion fold it from one side the entire length of the strip.

The length and the width of the folds can be altered according to the height of the rosette required .

      Stick the two ends of the strip.

        Gently bring the top of the strip to lie flat at the same time forming a circle as shown. I have stuck a small piece of quilling paper to the bottom to keep the shape. I have made a tight coil of blue colour strip and stuck it to the center of the rosettes.


Ann Martin said...

Very creative! I like the rosettes with the tight coil centers, and also your paper cutting and the watercolor scroll are very nicely done.

kavitha said...

nice one,i love rosettes very much but its some wat difficult to get the shape.:)

Dr Sonia S V said...

So Simple yet so elegant.
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon , Bangalore

Garima Srivastava said...

Innovative :)