Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilled earrings.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilled eye chart thank you card.

     As a part of observing world Glaucoma week(couple of weeks ago), a hospital near by offered the women members of our library free eye check up for glaucoma .Though I couldn't take the offer lot of our members did and so a thank you card for the kind doctor for her valuable time. 
    I was asked to make the thank you card,  and as I thought about an ophthalmologist the first thing that came to my mind was  the dreaded eye chart.

    For the eye chart (THANK YOU DOCTOR) ,I stuck at least six strips of thick black strips for the first row and then four strips for the second , two strips for the third and single strip for the last row. The letterings I found most difficult and time consuming. The flowers are a bright violet colour , but doesn't show in this picture.

      For the butterfly , I have used eccentric coils . I have stuck three different colour strips for the wings.

Update  : Katrin has a neat tutorial for these flowers in her blog.

    Thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Basic quilled shapes

        My kids have their exams going on and soon it will be vacation time. Every summer , classes are conducted at our local library for school children . This year  classes for quilling is also being planned. I will not be teaching quilling , I have my English class each summer for the past seven years. The girl who has been asked to teach quilling is a fine arts graduate and Akhil's favourite drawing teacher.

    Our co-ordinator asked me to make a quilled card  to show people who come to enroll their kids for summer classes -since most of them have not heard of quilling. She wanted me to give an example of the basic shapes of quilling in my card. I have tried to use all the basic shapes in the flowers and the leaves ,a bud and a fringed flower to show some variations with tight coils.I included quilled letterings also to show how much more can be done with paper strips. It is just lack of further space on the card that stopped me from adding other techniques.

    I like to recycle as much as I can ,I have cut an old wedding card in to strips for the basket. I rolled the strips and pinched them to make identical semi circles and stuck them on the flat side . It had a very rich shimmer on it and using the strips flat gives a nice effect.



      Most of us know how to make a fringed flower , I include these steps for my non blogging friends who like everything to be in my blog.

    To make the fringed flower- take a strip of half inch width and cut fringes with a scissor as shown . Stick a  5mm width strip to the fringed strip .(click on image to enlarge)

       Roll the strips using a  slotted tool starting with the 5mm strip and make a tight coil.Continue rolling the fringed strip over the tight coil.

      Stick the end of the strip .

       Press the fringes on all sides with your fingers ,here's a beautiful fringed flower with a tight coil center.

        The news of the devastating earthquake and Tsunami in Japan brings very sad memories of the agony which lot of people in Tamil Nadu went through not many years ago. I end this post with thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan in these difficult times.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little girl

      I was asked to make a card for a little girl by her grandmother. She did not want any sentiment on the card . I quilled a little girl with a bird in her hand ,an image I had seen in quilledcreations gallery.The card did not turn out the way I had planned  .I  made the girl too small and then I had to make a lot of changes in a hurry as I had promised to give her the card today. I am most often never satisfied with the photographs and for this card I had little time for photographing properly.

       A very happy women's day to everyone who stop by. Have a creative day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilled giraffe

      Both my son's think that this is not my style ,but I liked this cartoon giraffe I found on the internet when I was looking for a cute giraffe I could quill.
     Why a giraffe? because it seems Akhil has finally grown taller than me and is very pleased with himself. For months I have been dragged to stand in front of the mirror with him to see if he has grown taller than I am . It would be  with shoes on , without shoes , after a meal , after a haircut ....Now I hope it his father's turn. My elder son Abi is more than six feet and this giraffe is for my tall boys. 

     I drew the giraffe on  a yellow colour paper and cut it out ,I added quilling only for the dark shade.Then I stuck thick black colour strips to the outline. I also cut out  the  tree and the bark of the tree from brown hand made paper.

There is also some good news. I won Kavitha's blog candy. 

      Kavi is my first blogger friend and of course namma Chennai girl. I initially visited her blog for her excellent paintings and then for her cards.  I have seen her grow more and more creative with her cards.She amazes me with her aptitude to craft . We both have one thing in common we both are not happy until we fill up our entire card::)

 For me making cards is just an excuse to quill ,I hope I learn to use all these cool stuff.

  Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day.