Monday, October 13, 2014

Quilled teddy bear card.

           Recently a mother of a young girl wrote to me for a card. She has planned to gift her daughter with a  starter quilling kit for her eleventh birthday and she wished to gift her a card from me as well for inspiration. I loved the thought behind it and was in turn inspired to do something special.  I decided to make this fringed teddy bear which at first created by Manuela Koosch ( I can only dream of making one like hers) was then tried by many talented quillers and then I have seen Neli use them in her cards. I fringed 5mm quilling paper of two shades of pink to make this teddy bear. It is not three dimensional ,since I was going to use it on a card I thought it unnecessary. I found out fringing 5 mm paper actually turns out better than wider strips. I have never thought much of my fringing capabilities and have avoided fringing as much as I can,but this experiment has changed that , I am looking forward to perfecting my fringing. I spent an entire evening making this little teddy bear. I had to rush making the card itself before I could pack and send so that it reaches on time.

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