Friday, June 21, 2013

paper bead necklace

        I want to share my latest obsession which is  making paper beads. I have been fascinated about them for a long time, but only recently found time to experiment with them. The yellow colour beads are made from cutting an yellow colour handmade paper, I had used some gold acrylic paint on the paper some time ago to use as background for a project . I did not use it then, but cutting the paper up and rolling  into beads with the gold colour showing here and there gives such a rich look. The beads for the pendant are made from some dark maroon pattern paper the center is quilled and painted with the same gold colour. All the beads are cone shape made from long right angled triangle paper strips.I know I have to learn a lot and there is a lot of room for improvement . I love to cut and roll paper and I am planning to experiment with more shapes.

        Although I have not posted for a while I have been quilling a lot , I have been restocking my cards and earrings. I also took some time to open my online shop.

        Thanks for stopping by , Have a great day.