Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quilled Mosaic valentine

        I have been long wanting to try out the mosaic technique that Erin Curet of Little circles uses in her awesome Quilled works. She had a quill along using different shades of strips to get a stained glass effect. She had used two different colours in each element in different lengths to get that effect. I used the same lengths of the two colours here. The inner circle is pink colour beehive. The next layer is blue and the pink rolled together with a black strip around it . I used a quarter of each strip. The third layer is pista green and the pink . I first drew the hearts out , made an outline using 200gsm black colour strip then I added the quilled elements to fit in like a mosaic.  I worked on green colour handmade paper , but once I finished I cut the heart out.
        It took me a long time to finish this . I thought the rolling would never end however I liked how it turned out . This is my first mosaic and I am willing to try more. Many thanks to Erin for generously sharing her techniques with videos and tutorials during her quill alongs.
         Thanks for stopping by have a great day.