Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chennai Chronicle 22 Nov 2015

       An article about my Quilling was published today on Chennai Chronicle. Really happy as to how it has been written.

      An year ago I had worked on an unique project a name plate comprising of individual letters spelling Pranesh Photography. It was a new learning experience as after trying very hard to find someone to cut the letters for me , I had to cut them myself  I had layered two thick paper and cut slowly to get a perfect cut. Sometimes I smoothed the curves with a sandpaper. The person who contacted for the article was the wife of my customer bringing back memories. I had not posted the letters here because I could not photograph the entire name as it was too long. You can see more letters here on my page.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quilled Durga

         When I first Quilled this Durga more than three years ago. It was my biggest and most challenging projects. I was convinced I will never be able to quill another again. Recently a friend requested and the idea of making one again slowly started to form. I don't have a base design for reference I just do a simple sketch and keep making changes as I progress. 
          This one took me two weeks to complete , It took me days to just decide the colours , I don't have the original colours and so I ordered paper from different shops for different shades still, I was not satisfied until the finished picture came out well. 
          First I made the top of the crown , In these three years I have had more practice and so I tried different techniques and layering . I used some 5mm paper but mostly the entire project is in 3mm .
Most of the elements are tight coils .I had to sometimes pull everything apart and start over. Even though I had a rough sketch it was not easy for me to predict the final size especially with the earrings which had to complement each other. I am really happy how colourful my Durga turned out. At first glance this picture almost looks like my previous one although I have made several changes which is also very satisfying. 

        Thanks for stopping by , Have a nice day.