Monday, December 22, 2014

Quilled gratitude card

         It has been a very good year for me in my Quilling journey , a lot of firsts and many challenging projects. One of the most precious gifts that Quilling has given me is the people who have come into my life , especially my customers. A week ago , I had a wonderful visitor, she wanted a card for her spiritual Guru, Mahatria Ra. Although she spoke over the phone she wanted to see me in person to tell me about herself and the gratitude she felt for her Guru. She wanted a card with the three dots which are symbols for infinitheism , she wanted the card to be predominately blue, She also wanted me to add a Sun and the word  GRATITUDE on it. I chose a metallic white background so that the blue shows bold , The words Gratitude and the Sun is made using 5mm Paper strips for the rest of the card I used 3mm paper strips , This card is truly inspired by my customer Shashi . She will write her message and give the card to her Guru in person as she is now in a week long program of meditation and silence.      
    As my blog turns five today I would like to thank all the lovely bloggers and readers who have encouraged me all these years. A special thanks to people who take time to appreciate my work through messages and mails. I am also grateful to all my customers for each of them have brought an unique experience to me and some of them are now my dear friends.

Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Quilled Blue bird

     A week ago I received a request to make a card for someone who is receiving an award for excellence in his chosen field. My first thought was to quill a bird flying high and started my search on Google images, While searching I found a blue bird perched on a branch looking up and I felt it would fit nicely in a card .
     I used an ordinary comb to make the underside of the bird. Rest of the bird is made using basic shapes all with 3mm Quilling paper.
     Soon  I received a call asking me to add a rainbow in the card if I could because of the wordings in the sentiment inside. I found this free rainbow image on the internet which I printed out and used as the background. While I think a white background would have made the bird look more brighter , the colourful background does give the card a special look.

Thanks for stopping by , Have a creative day.