Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dragon fly

      The flowers I made with eccentric loops .I realize there is so much more that I need to learn about quilling. I see so many different styles of quilling on the internet and I want to try them all.
      Tomorrow I am going to Bangalore to visit my mom . I am going to miss all the wonderful blogs I am so used to visiting every day .
       Here's a  tutorial on eccentric loops.

     Roll a strip of required length and make a loose coil.

       Use a circle sizer to get the right size of the coil.

         with the help of  a needle gather all the curls in the loops to one side and place a drop of glue . Wait until the loops are glued together.

        We get a coil which looks like this.This is called an eccentric circle.

       pinching  on the side opposite to the glued side we get a petal.


Anonymous said...

so sweet, I love your dragonfly.

kavitha said...

lovely ya,try double colors for this tech.will look good:)

Unknown said...

beautiful...i'll try all your techniques....thanx !