Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is a small card and my first quilled butterfly.
I found this butterfly in the quilledcreations gallery.
I have used only quilling paper for the butterfly. Quilling paper is  best for quilling , the colours are brilliant and since the strips are all of the same width the completed work looks so beautiful.

 I learnt about quilling from folding trees.  It was there I saw the tutorial for quilled snowflakes. I took to quilling at once, I learnt the basic shapes from that tutorial. Later I learnt more from so many wonderful blogs in the internet.

I started quilling using colour paper and my tapestry needle. Now I have quilling paper and slotted quilling tool. But I still prefer the needle and I still use coloured paper along with quilling paper,especially for stems of flowers.

Its just rolling and pinching of paper but for me it has the appeal of both embroidery and water colour painting. 


Ann Martin said...

Very pretty! I always enjoy hearing about the ways people are first introduced to quilling.

Unknown said...

Wonderful choice of colors.

Keep on Quillin',

SUGANTHI said...

Thank you so much .It feels so good to get such wonderful comments from both of you whom I admire so much.

kavitha said...

it turned out really well.
keep trying:)

SUGANTHI said...

thank you Kavitha, you are an inspiration.