Thursday, April 22, 2010



    I started this card with the bird , it started of as a tweety bird and ended up looking like a rooster . The sun is the blazing summer sun of Chennai.I really had fun making this card. I didn't have to worry about the pattern or the design .I did not even have to measure the strips I just took approximate lengths and did the quilling.
I have also tried quilled letterings in this card and I have also used lot of colours. 


Karuna said...

Wow Suganthi!!!

this is really pretty. The receiver of the card would be lucky to have it. Neat quilling done and yes lovely colours!


SUGANTHI said...

thank you Karuna!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

I really Love this one. As you said animals are more fascinating than flowers often.
Dr Sonia S V

RITU said...

So cute card.A question in my mind that what's envlope u use_handmade ya ready?