Monday, April 26, 2010


        During the summer holidays ,for the past six years I have been teaching English at our local library. Its part of the summer classes held there during the holidays. Since my classes started last week I have very little time for anything else. 
      This year thankfully the students are a fun lot. I also have a lot of teenage girls in my class. Earlier I would write small notes or give away fun stickers  when I find any of my students working hard or a particularly weak student making a good attempt.
      But this year I am giving away quilled flowers and small quilled cards that I have made to my deserving students. It has brought a lot of smiles on their faces.It has also created a lot of interest in them .They love it and want to collect  as many as they can. I have promised to teach them the basics of quilling once we finish  most of our lesson plans.
      I made a quick batch of quilled flowers this weekend. 


Ann Martin said...

aww, that's a very nice idea!

akhil said...

great arrangement of flowers mummy