Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy birthday card.

     I took a design right out of the embroidery on one of my salwars for this card. I cut red and green coloured papers for the quilling.And my struggle with the  glue still continues...
Even before starting this card I had decided on the general layout of the card.Most of my other cards I add quilled elements as I go on and usually  end up surprised at the result.
 Making a card is just an excuse, I just love to quill.


Karuna said...

Hi Suganthi,

thanks for stopping by my blog..... ur work is fabulous and so intricate. i think u have picked up quilling really well! am ur fan now and wait to see more work from you!


SUGANTHI said...

Thank you so much karuna. I loved your blog and I saw the same passion you have for quilling as I do.

kavitha said...

roses came out so well.
Its simple suganthi,u cant keep track of all the challenges,i look at other blogs also for the list of challenges going on:))

SUGANTHI said...

I just have to see your blog, Kavitha.