Friday, April 9, 2010

Anniversary card

      The flowers I made with alternate side loop petals  and I stuck a kundan stone in the center. After I finished I wished I had used  a more darker strip for the borders, but since I had put the borders first and meant for  the quilled elements to go over it, I couldn't change it. The letterings I did with 3-D liner.

     Since I started quilling lot of people have got interested in this art. One elderly acquaintance asked in earnest how I made paper stand on its edge:).
Lot of them want to learn the art, I have no doubt quilling will soon catch up in India too.



kavitha said...

love it.
you need lot of patience to do looping,grt job:)

SUGANTHI said...

thank you kavitha.

Ann Martin said...

So pretty! I love the way you shaped the flower petals.

Manasa said...

Hi Suganthi...the flowers are just gorgeous...sure enough quilling has already caught on in India..
I am also in love with quilling and do so often...My blog for some of my works

Dr Sonia S V said...

Yes Suganthi I was so happy to see a fellow Indian so talented at Quilling. Though I am an ENT Surgeon I craft for relaxation and just recently got hooked on quilling. Your site is an inspiration for Indian crafters!
Dr Sonia S V