Monday, August 29, 2016

Quilled Lilac

      Lilacs always fascinate me. To achieve the layered effect of the flowers in quilling is ever a challenge. I have quilled lilacs before the variation here is I used tight coils for the petals.
All the strips are three millimetres in lavender , yellow and two shades of green.
      I rolled an entire pack of 100 strips of lavender to make exactly 25 small flowers. I arranged and then stuck them to give a layered finish.
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Grażyna Słama-Ugorska said...

I love quilling lilac. Beautiful work.

Shylaa Shree said...

so soothing suganthi mam. my longing desire to do this

Eliza Art said...

Beautiful lilac

Paper Zen said...

Every petal is so perfect Suganthi! I love how the layering of each blossom makes it feel like a huge cluster of the real bouquet. Nicely done!

J.A. Grier said...

I've been thinking about quilling a lilac for a long time, but still haven not done it. This one is very nice, love the color!

Anamika Jain said...

very beautiful flowers
loved it will definitely try it